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List of the Important Subjects Dealt With in this Volume

No/s of
Subject Nature of
Chapter of “The Cow”
102-103 The Story of sorcery attributed to Sulayman (a.s.) and Harut and Marut. Qur'anic 15
- Some spurious traditions on the same. Traditional 23
- A philosophical discourse on sorcery and witchcraft. Philosophical 28
- An academic description of various kinds of magic. Academic 32
106-107 On Abrogation. Qur'anic 42
116-117 Refutation of belief of God having a son. - 60
- A discourse on the originality of creation. Academic & Philosophical 63
124 Meaning of Imamah; a dis‑ course on its basic factors. Qur'anic 77
125-129 The story of the construction of the Ka'bah by Ibrahim and the matters related to it; his prayer for the Prophet and his ummah. Qur'anic 97
- On the same subject. Traditional 104
- Objections on the traditions showing the excellence of the Ka'bah; replies thereto. - 111
- Significance of the story
of Ibrahim; philosophy of the hajj.
Academic 119
130-134 Meaning of Islam; stages of Islam and iman. Qur'anic 125
142-151 Relationship between prescription of Qiblah and the ummah being witnesses for the people and the Messenger being witness for the ummah. - 153
- On the same subject. Traditional 170
- On the ways of finding the direction of Qiblah. Academic & Historical 177
- Meaning of Qiblah and its benefits. Sociological 180
152 Meaning of remembrance of Allah. Qur'anic 183
153-157 The life of al-Barzakh. - 197
- Immateriality of the soul. - 201
- The Ethics. - 206
- About al-Barzakh and the soul's life after death. Traditional 217
- On immateriality of the soul. Philosophical 221
- A discourse on the ethics. Ethical 228
163-167 Can man-made things be attributed to Allah? Qur'anic 272
- Meaning of love; its attributions to Allah. - 280
- A philosophical discourse of love. Philosophical 287
- On perpetuity of punishment. - 290
168-171 On blind imitation and superstition. Moral & Sociological 304
177 Meaning of the righteous. Qur'anic 319
178-179 On Retaliation. Academic 327

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