Adab al-Suluk: A Treatise on Spiritual Wayfaring


    Translation of one of Shaykh Najm al‑Din Kubra's treatises in Arabic entitled Adab al‑suluk ila Hadrat Malik al‑Muluk, which consists of two sections. One is a spiritual journey towards God (Haqq) through removal of the veils of negligence and the veils of distance and darkness. The other is a physical journey in the vast earth of God. Out of these two journeys, this work contains the translation of the one related to esoteric wayfaring."




    Miscellaneous information: 
    The Persian translation by Husayn Muhyi al-Din Qumshehi was published in Jawidan Khirad (Sophia Perennis, The Bulletin of the Islamic Iranian Academy of Philosophy), Vol. IV, No. 2, Autumn 1981, pp. 16-26. `Ali Baqirshahi, who has translated this tract from the excellent Persian translation into English, is a Ph. D. student at the Department of Philosophy, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India.

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