Poem: Benefits of Attending Madrasah

    Going to Madrasah
    Has helped us a lot,
    Giving us knowledge
    By all we've been taught
    Learning to pray
    And recite the Qur'an,
    Studying Islam
    While increasing our Iman
    Prophets and Imams
    In the lives they have led,
    Have given Hadiths
    Like this one, the Prophet has said:
    The heart gathers rust
    Just like iron,
    Remove this rust
    By reciting Qur'an
    The young and the old
    All learn to recite,
    The very holy book
    Helping us see light
    Going to Madrasah
    Has made me realize,
    I'm not the only Muslim
    To whom the Ibadah applies
    Surrounded by Muslims
    Making other friends,
    Sharing my thoughts
    And starting new trends
    Practising Islam together
    And teaching each other things,
    Laughing and talking
    What happiness it brings
    By going to Madrasah
    I've learnt to read Qur'an well,
    I've also learnt Arabic
    How to read, write and spell
    Now I understand
    Who is Aleem and Kareem,
    I know how to join verbs
    And what some surahs mean
    Many of us pray
    Not knowing what we say,
    But by attending my classes
    I've learnt what I recite,
    Five times a day
    Going to Madrasah,
    We learn about the past,
    All about the Prophets
    From the first to the last
    The successors of our Prophet,
    Are the twelve beloved Imams,
    Who showed us how to live
    According to Islam
    Laws has taught us
    What's right and wrong
    Keeping our faith
    Solid and strong
    Pilgrimage of Hajj,
    And paying our Zakat,
    Fasting in Ramadhan
    And praying our salat
    Building our qualities
    Is what we're being taught,
    Remembering Allah
    In all our thought
    In Madrasah
    Morals are being learnt,
    Being truthful and just
    Never forgetting it's Allah we trust
    As days pass
    We learn what we can
    We pray to Allah
    To help us with Islam
    And to help us understand
    Throughout our life
    What Madrasah has taught us,
    Will come in very handy,
    Even little things
    Like sharing our candy.
    By: Fatima Gulamhusein, Sabaira Jagani and Shaista Kassamali
    The following poem on benefits of attending Madrasah classes has been composed by Grade 8 students at Al-Muntazir Madrasah, Vancouver, Canada.

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