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Exhumation of Grave

Q49: Is it permissible to excavate the grave of the deceased if it does not entail disrespect for the deceased?

A: It is not permissible except for special purposes that have been explained in the books of fiqh, such as cases of dire necessity. (FM, p. 420)

Q50: In a previous question (Q26), we informed your eminence about the differences among the Muslims regarding the direction of the qiblah. What is the ruling on one who was buried facing a direction adopted at the time of burial and then (the direction) was changed after the burial, given that exhumation and identification of those buried in the previous direction or the new direction would entail great hardship?

A: In response to the question, it is not obligatory to execute the change. (MMS, p. 11, Q2)

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