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Q57: A man who is financially able in a particular year is prevented from travelling because he could not obtain a visa to perform the hajj in that year. Then, he is forced to spend the money which was set aside for hajj, after the season, to fulfill his living needs. Thereafter, he is not able to obtain the money needed to perform the hajj.

A: If he acquires the ability in later years, then hajj is obligatory for him, and if he does not acquire the ability, then it is not obligatory for him. (FM, pp. 403-4)

Q58: What if I am able to perform hajj this year while I am a student at the University or high school and it happens that the time of travelling for hajj conflicts with my final exams such that the trip for hajj would lead to my failure and loss of a school year, which causes me extreme material and emotional difficulty.

A: As long as your travel for hajj causes you extreme difficulty as you said, it is permissible for you to abandon the hajj for that year. (FM, p. 404)

Q59: From which direction should one throw pebbles at jamratu-l-'aqabah (in Mina)?

A: Stone it from the front [because it is not permissible to stone it from the back]. (FM, p. 404)

Q60: What is the ruling on one who enters the state of ihram from Jeddah, instead of Johfah, because of ignorance?

A: If he made a nadhr for the ihram in Jeddah, then his ihram is valid. (FM, p. 404)

Q61: Is one permitted after tawaf and sa'y, to cut the hair (taqsir) of someone else who has requested him to do so, before cutting his own?

A: It is not permissible for one to attend to the taqsir of others before his own. (FM, p. 404)

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