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The Division of The Verb Into Being Transitive or Intransitive

45. What is an intransitive verb?

46. What is a transitive verb?

45. An intransitive verb is a verb that suffices itself with its actor. For example: جَلَسَ (he sat). So, for example, if one said: جَلَسَ زَیدٌ (Zayd sat) it would be a complete sentence.

46. A transitive verb is a verb that does not suffice itself with its actor. For example: کَسََرَ (he broke). So, if one said: کَسَرَ الخادِمُ (the servant broke) it would be an incomplete sentence unless one mentions the objective compliment afterwards. For example: کَسَرَ الخادِمُ ﺇبریقاً (the servant broke a pitcher.)

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