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Indeclinable Nouns

90. What is understood from an indeclinable noun?

91. What nouns are indeclinable?

92. How many forms of indeclinable nouns are there?

91. An indeclinable noun is a noun whose last syllable does not change when placed into different parts of a sentence.

92. There are so few indeclinable nouns compared to declinable ones. The popular indeclinable nouns are: personal pronouns, conjunctions, demonstrative pronouns, conditional nouns and interrogative pronouns.

93. There are four forms of indeclinable nouns: al-dumm, al-fath, al-kasr and al-sukūn:

حَیثُ کَیفَ ﺃمسِ مَن

(who, yesterday, how, where)

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