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Broken Plurals

130. What is a broken plural?

131. How many types of broken plurals are there?

132. What do you understand from a plural of a plural?

133. Can a plural be made plural?

134. How can a plural be made plural?

135. What is a quasi-plural noun?

136. What is a quasi-plural?

137. Are quasi-plural nouns and quasi-plural nouns made plural?

130. A broken plural is a plural that changes the singular form of the noun, either by adding letters, for example: رجال the plural of رَجُل, or by erasing letters, for example: رُسُل the plural of رَسُول, or by changing the vowel signs, for example: أسُد the plural of أسَد.

131. There are two types of broken plurals: a plural of paucity, which is a plural that indicates three to ten, and a plural of multitude, which is a plural that indicates three or more. There are four forms for the plural of paucity: أفعُل, for example: أنفُس, أفعال, for example: أجداد, أفعِلَة, for example: أعمدَة, and فِعلَة, for example فِتیَة. Any other form used as a broken plural is a plural of multitude and if these forms are used in any other way they are being used figuratively.

132. The form of a plural of a plural is any plural where after there are two letters with vowel signs after an added alif, for example: دَراهِم, or if a yā' falls in between three letters, for example: ریاحِین.

133. A plural is made plural to increase the number of whatever it is making plural, for example:الأیادي which is the plural of الأیدي which is the plural ofالید.

134. A plural is made plural in the same way that a singular noun is made plural according to its form, therefore the plural of أکلُب would be أکالِب or the plural of أظفار would be أظافیر. These are the only two forms that are used to make a plural plural.

135. A quasi-plural noun is that which indicates a group, not an instance from the group. For example: شَعب.

136. A quasi-plural is that which indicates a group, the difference between this and a quasi-sound noun is by a tā', for example تُفَّاحَة, or by a yā', for example: إفرَنجي.

137. A quasi-plural noun and a quasi-plural is made plural in the same way as singular nouns according to their forms, as an example the plural of قوم becomes أقوام.

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