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An Introduction To Morphology

1. What is morphology?

2. How many types of words are there?

3. Is morphology applied to all types of words?

4. How are verbs and nouns conjugated?

1. Morphology is a science that discusses the change of a word into various forms in order to achieve the desired meaning. For example, the changing of صَدَقَ to صادِق. This science also discusses the change of a word without changing its meaning. For example: قَوَلَ to قالَ. All of the changes that are made are called conjugation.

2. There are three types of words: nouns, ex: رَجُل, verbs, ex: شَرِبَ, and prepositions, ex: عَلَیَ

3. Morphology is applied to nouns and verbs, nothing else, because they are conjugated into different forms. It is not applied to prepositions because they remain in one form.

4. Verbs are conjugated by putting them into the preterit, aorist, and imperative cases. Nouns are conjugated by putting them into the single, dual, plural, diminutive, and possessive forms.

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