Eternal Manifestations

    80 Stories from the life of Allama Tabatabai (ra)

    A collection of eighty spiritually uplifting stories from the life of Allama Tabatabai (ra) showing his dedication to Islam and his striving at attaining nearness towards Allah.



    Important notice: 
    Partial translation from the original Farsi text, Allameh Tabatabai, Meezane Ma`refat, Tehran, Saazmaane Tableeghaate Islaamee, Markaze Chaap va Nashre Bayn al-Milal, 1380. Part of the Deedaar baa Abraar series. Translated by S.K. Yusufali, Qum, Iran, 2006. Published as an E-book by Ahlul Bayt DILP 2006. Please contact us if you wish to publish this text in print format.


    Greatly indebted to and the material present on it.this is an immense service for the community.
    If the year of publication/translation and re-publication of other source books can also be made available, it would be of great help for research scholars.

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