Arabic Text


Viewing Guidelines for Arabic text:

Bo\ CtW s  kd D î  kd î { B

If you can read the green Arabic text in the above box, then no further action is necessary.




Font Smoothing



UNIX Platforms

Netscape Configuration

If using Netscape version 4.01 or above, font installation is not required. Embedded dynamic fonts are utilized throughout the site. However, make sure that this setting is correct:

    Edit | Preferences | Appearance | Fonts

Must be set to "Use document-specified fonts, including Dynamic Fonts."

If using an older version of Netscape then install the Unix font and continue with the following configuration.

In Netscape do the following steps:

Choose Options | Document Encoding | User Defined

Choose Options | General Preferences or Edit | Preferences in new versions:

Select Fonts menu

Set For the Encoding to User Defined

Set Use the Proportional Font to Karbala (DILP, Unicode 2.0)

Press OK

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE4) Configuration

Embedded fonts do not seem to function properly under MS-IE4 for Unix at this time. Therefore, you must follow the font installation directions, as below, until this feature is fixed in Explorer.


Create a directory, say
mkdir ~/dilpfonts

Unzip then copy the karbala.bdf into that directory:
cp karbala.bdf ~/dilpfonts

Go into that directory and do the following:
cd ~/dilpfonts
xset +fp ~/dilpfonts
xset fp rehash

You can verify that the new font is in the path by doing:

xset q

To check if the font works try out Refresh/Reload this page. You should be able to read the Arabic within the box at the top of the page.


An effort of the Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project (DILP) team