• Raising Children
    by: Tahera Kassamali

    Ten lessons on the Islamic way of raising children.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 6,612
  • Islam and Democracy: An Obscure Relationship
    by: Fatima Al-Samak

    Comments: 1 Total views: 5,681
  • Justice, Peace and Prophet Muhammad
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    Comments: 0 Total views: 4,893
  • Music and its Effects
    by: A. H. Sheriff

    In this booklet, the author discusses the detrimental effects of music on our lives. He talks about the origin of music and its effects from various points of views. He also discusses what the Qur'an and narrations of the Ahlul Bayt have to say on this matter.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 4,796
  • Apostacy in Islam
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    This text first explains the view about faith in God and whether or not Islam can be forcefully imposed on others; then comes the Islamic view on the choices a person has after he has willingly joined the Islamic faith. Next, the discussion on the issue of apostasy and its two categories; followed by the religious sources for the punishment of an apostate. The treatise ends with a discussion on some Qur'ãnic verses and some relevant issues about minorities in the Muslim countries.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 3,773
  • The Characteristics of a Muslim
    by: N/A

    Simple accounts of good morals and behavior, God's love, parents, and how to be a good Muslim.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 3,571
  • Youth and Morals
    by: Sayyid Mujtaba Musavi Lari

    In this book, the author introduces some of the main issues affecting man’s social life and how Islam deals with them. He explains how a society wherein the individual and social ties are built on Islamic values enjoys tranquility, comfort, and trust in all its aspects.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,771
  • Islamic Political Theory (Legislation): Volume 1
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    The first of two volumes of the renowned and comprehensive text on Islamic political theory by Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi, dealing with the importance of recognizing Islam as the basis of any just political theory, methods of implementing such a theory by the government, and comparing and contrasting this Islamic system with the system predominant in most Western ans secular nations.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,703
  • Islam and the Contemporary Man
    by: Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn at-Tabataba'i

    This text titled "Islam and the Contemporary Man" discusses how Islam is a universal religion that can be applied in the modern day. Key topics and questions are addressed such as nature of man, philosophical and scientific problems, creation and resurrection, and essence of existence.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,468
  • Amani na Jihadi Katika Uislam
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    Kijitabu kilichoko mikonono mwako ni tarjuma ya Kiswahili kutoka Kiingereza. 'Amani na Jihadi' ni mada ambayo imetumiwa nje ya muktadha wa Kiislamu dhidi ya Uislamu na vyombo vya habari visivyo amini (Uislamu) vya mlengo wa kulia, wanasiasa na pia wanahistoria.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,334
  • Islamic Systems
    by: N/A

    Short introductory summaries of the various systems involved in the governance of a nation according to the Islamic perspective.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,183
  • Islamic Political Theory (Legislation): Volume 2
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    The second of two volumes of the renowned and comprehensive text on Islamic political theory by Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi, dealing with the importance of recognizing Islam as the basis of any just political theory, methods of implementing such a theory by the government, and comparing and contrasting this Islamic system with the system predominant in most Western ans secular nations.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,131
  • Sociology of the Quran Part I
    by: Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari

    This is the first part of Martyr Murtada Mutahhari's book Society and History (Jami`e wa tarikhh), which is itself a part of his important work Introduction to the Islamic World Outlook (Muqaddameh'i bar jahan bini‑ye Islami). In this section on society, the author discusses various viewpoints regarding the relationship between individual and society, and explains the Qur'anic viewpoint. Then he goes on to discuss such issues as social freedom and determinism, class division and social polarization, social pluralism and homogeneity, and the future of human societies.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,041
  • Je Kufunga Mikono
    by: Sheikh Jafar Subhani

    Kufunga mikono katika Sala: Sheria ya Kiislamu ni ya kipekee kwa kuwa inahusika na kila jambo huku ikiweka utatuzi wa matatizo yote yanayompata mwanadamu katika sekta zote za maisha yake, hivyo Mwenyezi Mungu akasema: "Leo nimewakamilishieni dini yenu na kuwatimizieni neema Yangu na nimewapendeleeni Uislamu uwe dini yenu." (5:3).

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,004
  • Islam, Dialogue and Civil Society
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Khatami

    Dialogues among civilizations, Islamic world and modern changes, reason and religion, freedom and development, and traditions and modernity.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,985
  • Reflections on Islam and Modern Life
    by: Professor Syed Hossein Nasr

    Islam and modern thought. Definition of modern. Comparison of traditional and modern sciences. Knowledge, modernism, role of man, evolution and society.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,920
  • Il Concetto di Valore e la Dignita dell'Uomo
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    Questo testo dell'Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi introduce il concetto di valore e dignità dell'uomo secondo un'ottica islamica.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,845
  • A Muslim in Society
    by: N/A

    A concise introductory text about the appropriate behaviour of Muslims and their conduct with others in society.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,764
  • Life under the Grace of Ethics
    by: Ayatullah al-`Uzma al-Hajj ash-Shaykh Nasir Makarim Shirazi

    This text which is authored by Ayatullah al-Uzma Shaykh Nasir Makarim Shirazi, sheds light on how life would look under the grace of ethics. The topics of morality and ethics, its hygiene, principles and how social life is affect is thoroughly discussed.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,747
  • What do You Know about Islamic Economics?
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir As-Sadr

    A short text about the nature of the Islamic economic system, its distinction from Capitalism and Marxism, and the primary obstacles encountered in its application to society today.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,731
  • Contemporary Man and the Social Problem
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir As-Sadr

    This full-length text is, as stated by the author himself, dedicated to answering the following question: "What is the system that suits humanity, the one through which humanity achieves a happy social life?" The author critically analyzes the most prominent systems known today, namely Capitalistic Democracy, Socialism and Communism, and then presents the Islamic system as opposed to these and describes how Islam can solve the social problem through its religious message.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,699
  • Religious Education of the Younger Generation
    by: Zakir Karrar Husain

    The difficulty of religious education in the West and the modern world, and the role of Majlis-e-Aza (lectures for the remembrance of Imam Husayn and the Ahlul Bayt) as a forum of religious discussion.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,590
  • Book Review The Tao of Islam: A Sourcebook on Gender Relationships in Islamic Thought
    by: Sachiko Murata

    Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen reviews book: The Tao of Islam: A Sourcebook on Gender Relationships in Islamic Thought, by Sachiko Murata (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1992)

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,552
  • Utumwa
    by: Allamah Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

    Kitabu hiki kimerudiwa kimechapishwa tena kwa ruhusa ya waandishi, ili kuafikiana na Kongamano la Kilimwengu la Umoja wa Mataifa dhidi ya Ubagazi wa Rangi, (United Nations World Conference against Racism) ambalo lilitegemewa kufanyika katika jiji la Durban, Afrika ya Kusini, mwezi Augosti, 2001. Mada mbili zilizo pendekezwa kuwepo kwenye agenda zilisababisha migongano ya kimataifa. Agenda hizi zilikuwa: Malipo ya fidia kwa utumwa na biashara yake ambayo ilifanywa na mataifa ya Ulaya na Marekani (U.S.A) hapa Afrika na nyingine ilikuwa kulinganisha Uzayuni (Zionism) na ubaguzi wa rangi.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,428
  • Sociology of the Quran Part II
    by: Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari

    This is the second part of Martyr Murtada Mutahhari's book Society and History (Jami'e wa tarikh), of which the first part appeared in the last issue (Vol. I, No. 3). In the first part on society, the author explained the Qur'anic viewpoint about society. Here in the second part, he discusses the problems of philosophy of history and enters into somewhat elaborate statement of the philosophy of historical mater­ialism and criticism of its main doctrines.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,427
  • Islam, Humanity and Human Values
    by: Sayyid Musa Sadr

    In this paper, the author examines the definition of humanness by offering theories given by Greek peripatetics, determinists, socialists, and materialists. He concludes that God is the primary being capable of defining humanness, and offers ways in which humanness can be achieved as stated in the Holy Qur’an.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,303
  • Myahudi Wa Kimataifa
    by: Imamullah Khan

    Kitabu kilichoko mikononi mwako ni tarjuma ya kitabu cha Kiingereza kiitwacho International Jew. Sisi tumekiita, Myahudi wa Kimataifa.

    Kitabu hiki, Myahudi wa Kimataifa ni matokea ya tume iliyoundwa na Henry Ford wa Kwanza na kuchapishwa kwa mara ya kwanza baina ya miaka 1919-1920. Henry Ford I alikuwa mmoja wa wafanyabiashara wakubwa wa viwanda; yeye alikuwa na kiwanda chake maarufu sana kati-ka miaka ya 1900 kilichojulikana kwa jina la Ford Motor Company.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,295
  • Fraternity and Cooperation in Islam
    by: WOFIS

    The importance of brotherhood in Islam.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,097
  • O Estranho

    Um texto fictício onde uma criança muçulmana relata a chegada de um estranho a sua casa e como esse novo hóspede tentou corromper os valores morais da sua família.


    Poucos meses após eu nascer, meu pai conheceu um estranho que era novo na nossa pequena cidade. Desde o início, papai ficou fascinado com esse novato encantador, e logo o convidou para viver com nossa família. O estranho rapidamente foi aceito e estava sempre perto para me receber no mundo alguns meses depois.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 595
  • Kuwa Na Uhuru Na Kutokuwa Nao
    by: Sayyid Mujtaba Musawi Lari

    Kuwa Na Uhuru Na Kutokuwa Nao

    Na Sayyid Mujtaba Musawi Lari
    -Imetafsiriwa kutoka katika Kiajemi na
    Dr. Hamid Algar.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 554
  • Are you Free or Slave?
    by: Muhammad Rayshahri

    “Are you Free or Slave?” covers the foremost factor “belief” and the ground of its formation in men, is the outcome of lectures that the esteemed author has delivered in the session of a group of university and theology school students.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 540
  • Western Civilization through Muslim Eyes
    by: Sayyid Mujtaba Musawi Lari

    The Author in the book highlights and answers some of the vital questions like: What is the position of Islam today, what is its task and what role should it and could it be playing in helping mankind out of the morass into which the divisive materialism of East and West threaten to plunge us one and all?

    Comments: 0 Total views: 506
  • Towards An Islamic Economy
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir As-Sadr

    A research work on the socioeconomic system of Islam.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 411
  • Obligations and Prohibitions in Islamic Divine Law
    by: Ayatullah 'Ali Meshkini

    This book presents the issues the society is confronted with, in a brief and simple language, both in the field of thought and practice.

    Comments: 1 Total views: 347
  • Human Rights
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Ali Tashkiri

    This text authored by Ayatullah Tashkiri focuses on human rights and their conceptual development, and compares the texts of the universal and Islamic declaration of human rights.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 326
  • Constructive Interaction between the World Religions: A Framework for World Order
    by: Ayatullah Jawadi Amuli

    Constructive Interaction between the World Religions: A Framework for World OrderConstructive Interaction between the World Religions: A Framework for World Order

    Ayatullah Jawadi Amuli

    Comments: 0 Total views: 320
  • Economic Distribution in Islam

    This booklet is about economic distribution in Islam, it gives an analysis on the current economic system of Islam and presents solutions to the economic problems in Islamic communities.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 262
  • Pluralismo Religioso, Una concepcion islamica
    by: Feisal Morhell

    En este análisis sobre el Pluralismo Religioso, el lector es llevado al desarrollo histórico, las circunstancias y argumentos que han llevado a pensadores religiosos al surgimiento del mismo. El pluralismo religioso argumenta que todas las religiones son iguales en lo que respecta en su condición de verdad y sendero recto y de esta forma el Pluralismo reconoce su autenticidad y condición. Tales argumentos son criticados y analizados por el autor Sheij Feisal Morhell según puntos de vista Islámicos.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 226
  • Man and Ignorance

    This books explores the deviations of Ignorance and presents methods to get rid of it.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 30
  • Social Rules in Islam
    by: Shaykh Mansour Leghaei

    Collection of Friday Sermons delivered by Sheikh Mansour Leghaei on social interactions of an individual from the Islamic point of view.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 28


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