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1. Qur'an Interpreted - Arberry
Glorious Qur'an - Pickthall.

2. Imam Husayn's revolution (Arabic) - Muhammad Mahdi Shams Al-Din. It is the most up-to-date account on the subject. Its material has been used extensively for the booklet.

3. Imam Husayn's revolution (Arabic) - Abdul Hadi Al-Fadhli.
It is a small book but praisworthy for its quality.

4. Sayyid Al-Shuhadaa (Arabic) - Abbas Mahmod Al-Aqqad.

5. Batalat Karbala (Arabic) - Bint Al-Shatia

6. Al-Muraja'at (Arabic) - A.H. Sharaf Al-Din.

7. Al-Sharaf Al-Muabad li ali bait Muh. (Arabic) Al-Nabhani.

8. The Light Magazine - S.S. Akhtar.

9. Nahj Al-Balagha.

10. Social Justice in Islam - Sayyid Qutb.

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