Salaat (Ritual Prayer)

  • Salatul Layl
    by: H. & T. Kassamali

    Qur'anic verses and ahadith on the merits of reciting Salatul Layl. Includes method of recitation along with Arabic and English along with a rich collection of basic and additional supplications given to us by the Ahlul Bayt (a) that can be recited along with the prayer itself.

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  • Adab as-Salat: The Disciplines of the Prayer Second Revised Edition
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Imam Ruhallah Musawi Khomeini

    A detailed explanation of the strict disciplines and moral secrets of prayer, written by Imam Khomeini for the general public.

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  • Preghiera e Umiltà
    by: Yahya Alawi

    Un breve articolo che fa riflettere sull'importanza della preghiera nella vita quotidiana, che viene definita nel Sacro Corano "gravosa, ma non per gli umili".


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  • Why pray in Arabic?
    by: Ahmed H. Sheriff

    The question some times is asked as to why should a Muslim pray only in Arabic language and not his mother tongue.

    It may first seem logical that every Muslim should pray through his own mother language, so that he may understand what he say; but a little more thinking and study, we shall find that there are strong arguments in favour of only one common language and that also Arabic.

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  • Al-Fajr As-Sadiq: A New Perspective
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    This article was written in 1989 and published in The Light (Dar-es-salaam) in February 1991. This is a revised version of that article.

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  • La Preghiera Nell' Islam

    Composto da: La Preghiera compilato a cura del Gruppo di Traduzione “Islam Shi°ita” e Soaring to the Only Beloved di Abu Muhammad Zaynul ‘Abidin

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  • The Ritual and Spiritual Purity
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    Important guide for Muslims explaining the rules and spiritual significance of Najasat and Taharat, Wudu, Ghusl and Tayammum.

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  • Tranquil Heart

    43 recollections of Imam Khomeini relating to prayers (salaat) by individuals who spent time with him. The incidents emphasize the importance and love which the Imam gave to the Salaat.

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  • Qunut
    by: Talib Hussain Zaidi

    A full-length text containing dozens of supplications from the Holy Qur'an that can be recited during the Qunut in Salat, instructions on how to perform some special prayers, and information about more than a hundred names of Allah and their significance in supplication.

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  • La Prosternación sobre la Tierra o aquello que Brota de ella
    by: Aiatullah Ya'far Subhani

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  • Salat al-Layl
    by: Allamah Muhammad Baqir Majlisi

    A short article that explains methods of reciting Salat al-Layl (the night prayer). Includes Arabic along with English translations.

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  • Laws and Practices: Why do the Shi'ah prostrate on Turbah

    A brief text about why Shi'a prostrate on the turbah or soil from Karbala.

    Why do the Shi'ah prostrate on Turbah?

    Therefore celebrate the praises of thy Lord, and be of those who prostrate themselves in adoration (Holy Qur'an 15:98)

    The Shi'ah Muslims prefer to prostrate on a small block of earth, called a Turbah, which is usually made from clay from the land of Karbala in Iraq.

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  • Concentration in Prayer
    by: Jameel Kermalli

    The main goal of this book is to educate the Muslims of the importance of The Five Daily Prayers and to explain how to create, develop and maintain concentration in Prayer.

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  • A Commentary on Prayer
    by: Muhsin Qara'ati

    This text explains in detail the meaning of Worship and Intention, as well as how different stages of worship are acquired. He then goes on to explain the different actions of Prayer in detail, such as the first Takbir, & the recitation of the Suras

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  • Laws and Practices: How to Perform the Daily Prayers

    A handy, simplified guide to learn how to pray.

    How to Perform the Daily Prayers

    “…but when ye are free from danger, set up Regular Prayers: For such Prayers are enjoined on believers at stated times.”(Holy Qur'an: Chapter 4, Verse 103)

    It is obligatory to perform the following five prayers every day during the prescribed times:

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  • Vari testi sulla Preghiera

    Vari testi che spiegano l'importanza della preghiera e la analizzano da varie angolazioni, fornendo regole spirituali e pratiche per la realizzazione corretta di questo grande atto di adorazione verso Iddio l'Altissimo.

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  • Soaring to the Only Beloved
    by: Abu Muhammad Zaynu'l 'Abidin

    This concise treatise is aimed at making us realize the necessity, possibility, and methodology of attaining this vital spirit of prayer (Salat).

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  • Salat (Prayer): The Mode of Divine Proximity and Recognition
    by: Ayatullah Mirza Mahdi Isfahani

    This text highlights the esoteric reality and importance of the daily prayers.

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  • Adhana Kwa Mtazamo wa Qurani na Sunna
    by: Sheikh Jafar Subhani

    Kitabu hiki kinazungumzia juu ya hitilafu zilizotokea juu ya maneno yanayosomwa katika Adhana. baadhi ya wanachuoni wanasema kwamba kuna maneno yaliyoongezwa, na wengine wanasema kuna baadhi ya maneno yaliyoondolewa. Ili kujua ukweli wa asili ya Adhana na maneno yake.

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  • Why Prostrate on Karbala's Turba
    by: Yasin T. Al-Jibouri

    The reason why Shi`as prostrate on the turbah is based on two sound premises hinging upon two issues:

    First: It is commendable for one who prays to use a pure soil he is sure to be clean regardless of where he takes it from; there is no preference nor any distinction of one soil over another in as far as prostrating upon it is concerned. This is only an indication that the person offering his prayers demonstrates concern about the cleanliness of his body and clothes, and about the place where he offers his prayers.

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  • Laws and Practices: Why do the Shi'ah Combine Prayers

    A brief text on why Shi'a combine their prayers along with textual proofs from the Prophet (saw)'s life.

    Why do the Shi'ah Combine Prayers?

    “Undertake the prayer at the time of the declining sun to the darkness of the night and the morning recitation; for indeed the morning recitation is witnessed”(Holy Qur'an: Chapter 17, Verse 78)

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  • 40 Ahadith-L'essence de l'adoration: le Salat

    Hadith qui donne les aspects importantes du Salat. Cest hadith a travers divers aspect de L'importance de la Salat, L'existence et les bénédictions de la Salat dans différent partie de notre vie.

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  • Forty Ahadith on Salat

    40 selected traditions narrated through the Prophet [s] and his Ahl al-Bayt [a] on the topic of Salat/Prayer.

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  • Umakini Katika Swala
    by: Jameel Kermall

    Kitabu kilichoko mikononi mwako, ni tarjuma ya kitabu cha Kiingereza, kwa jina la Concentration In Prayer (Umakini katika Swala) kilichoandikwa na Jameel Kermalli, Daktari mwanasaikolojia.

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  • Kwa Nini Mashia Husali Kwa Kuunganisha Sala Kwa Pamoja Dhohr-Asr Na-Maghrib-Isha
    by: Amiraly M.H. Datoo

    Kwa Nini Mashia Husali Kwa Kuunganisha Sala Kwa Pamoja Dhohr – Asr Na Maghrib – Isha

    Makala haya yametarjumiwa na:
    Amiraly M.H.Datoo P.O.Box 838 Bukoba – Tanzania
    e-mail :

    Baadhi ya watu huuliza ni kwa nini Mashia’ husali kwa kuunganisha pamoja sala ya Adhuhuri – Alasiri na Maghrib – ‘Isha wakati ambapo wengi wa Waislamu husali kwa kutenganisha sala hizo ?

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  • La Moschea e La Fede
    by: Yahya Alawi

    La Moschea e La Fede

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  • Impariamo la Salah

    Questo libretto, attraverso frasi semplici ed immagini colorate e dettagliate, avvicina i bambini al modo corretto di eseguire la preghiera rituale (Salat) in ogni sua fase e posizione spiegando dettagliatamente ogni suo momento.

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  • Impariamo il Whudu e il Tayammum

    Questo libretto, attraverso frasi semplici ed immagini colorate e descrittive, aiuta ad avvicinare i bambini al modo corretto di fare wudhu e tayammum in ogni loro passaggio fondamentale

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  • Sala Ni Nguzo Ya Dini
    by: Mustafa Ranjbar Shiraz

    Sala ni nguzo kubwa ya dini. Mtukufu Mtume (s.a.w.) amesema: "Sala ni nguzo ya dini, mwenye kuivunja ameivunja dini, na mwenye kuisimamisha ameisimamisha dini." Mtukufu Mtume ameongeza: "Kila kitu kina uso, na uso wa Uislamu ni sala. Mwenye kuacha kusali ameuchafua uso wa dini." Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) amemnukuu Mtukufu Mtume (s.a.w.) akisema: "Kitu cha kwanza atakachohesabiwa muumini (Siku ya Kiyama) ni Sala. Ikikubaliwa yatakubaliwa matendo mengine, na ikikataliwa yatakataliwa matendo mengine pia."

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  • Secrets of Prayer, Part VI: Recitation of Surat al-Hamd, Ruku' and Sujud
    by: Mohammad Ali Shomali

    Secrets of Prayer, Part 6: Recitation of Surat al-Hamd, Ruku' and Sujud

    Mohammad Ali Shomali
    International Institute for Islamic Studies, Qum


    It is an essential part of prayer to recite Surat al-Hamd, as indicated by several narrations, the most famous of which is the following Prophetic hadith:

    No prayer is valid without (reciting) Surat al-Hamd. (Nuri 1408 AH, 4:158)

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  • Ablution: Its Effects and Secrets
    by: Mohammad Ali Shomali

    Ablution: Its Effects and Secrets

    Mohammad Ali Shomali

    International Institute for Islamic Studies, Qum, Iran


    One of the tasks of all prophets (a) in general and of the Noble Prophet of Islam (s) in particular was to purify people. Regarding this, Surah 62, ayah 2 reads,

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  • Seeking Assistance from Prayer and Fasting
    by: Mohammad Ali Shomali

    Seeking Assistance from Prayer and Fasting

    Mohammad Ali Shomali1

    Published in: Spiritual Quest, Winter and Summer 2011, Vol. 1, No. 1


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  • Summary of the Rulings (Ahkam) of Salat al-Jama’at
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Hussaini Sistani
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  • Method and Rulings of Wudhu’
    by: Shaykh Saleem Bhimji

    Method and Rulings of Wudhu’

    Prepared by Saleem Bhimji for the Al-Fath Al-Mubin Publications (A division of the Islamic Publishing House)

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  • Intention as the Spirit of Prayer
    by: Mohammad Ali Shomali

    Intention as the Spirit of Prayer
    Mohammad Ali Shomali
    International Institute for Islamic Studies, Qum, IranInternational Institute for Islamic Studies, Qum, Iran
    Spiritual Quest, Summer and Autumn 2011. Vol.1. No. 2

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  • Place, Direction and Beginning of Prayer
    by: Mohammad Ali Shomali

    Place, Direction and Beginning of Prayer
    Mohammad Ali Shomali
    International Institute for Islamic Studies, Qum, Iran
    Spiritual Quest, Winter and Spring 2013. Vol. 3. No. 1

    Place of Prayer

    The place where someone says their prayer is of great importance and various conditions pertaining to it have been enumerated in manuals of Islamic law.

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  • Timing and Clothing for Prayer
    by: Mohammad Ali Shomali

    Timing and Clothing for Prayer

    Mohammad Ali Shomali
    International Institute for Islamic Studies, Qum

    Spiritual Quest, Summer and Autumn 2012. Vol. 2. No. 2


    One of the important aspects of prayer is to observe its correct timing. One is free to pray or speak to God at any time one wishes. However, ritual prayers have defined timings. Regarding this, Qur'an states,

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