John Andrew Morrow

Dr. John Andrew Morrow (al-Ustadh al-Duktur Ilyas Islam) is a Métis Canadian academic from Québec, a full professor of foreign languages, a senior scholar of Islam, and the director of The Covenants of the Prophet Foundation. He is the author of large body of academic works, including: "Finding W.D. Fard: Unveiling the Identity of the Founder of the Nation of Islam," "Shi‘ism in the Maghrib and al-Andalus," "Restoring the Balance: Using the Qur’an and Sunnah to Refute Modern Distortions of Islam," "The Covenants of the Prophet Muḥammad with the Christians of the World," "Religion and Revolution: Spiritual and Political Islam in Ernesto Cardenal," "Islamic Insights: Writings and Reviews," and the "Encyclopedia of Islamic Herbalism," among other titles. He has also edited and/or translated several works, including "The Words of God to the Prophet Muhammad: Forty Sacred Sayings," "Islamic Images and Ideas: Essays on Sacred Symbolism," "Kitab al-Tawhid / The Book of Divine Unity," and "Arabic, Islam, and the Allāh Lexicon: How Language Shapes our Concept of God." Besides the field of Islamic Studies, Professor Morrow has also published substantially in the areas of Hispanic and Native Studies. A public figure and activist, he has lectured all around the world. His websites are and

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