Kitab Al-Mumin, The Book of the Believer

    An elaborate text that describes the nature of Belief (eeman) and Believers (mu’minoon) in the light of traditions of the Ahl al-Bayt, emphasizing on the consequences of belief and the rights the believers have upon each other.



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    Kitab Al-Mu'min - 'The book of the Believer' Compiled by: Al-Husayn b. Said Al-Kufi Al-Ahwazi Translated by: Muhajir b. Ali A collection of traditions by the eminent and trustworthy Shaykh Al-Husayn ibn Sa'id al-Kufi al-Ahwazi; a companion of the Imam Abu al-Hassan al Rida, Abu Ja'far al-Jawad and Abu al-Hassan al-Hadi (AS). ISBN: 964 438 425 3 Pages: 143


    Shuqran Brothers and sisters for making this material available, Mosha"Allah...

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