Death and Dying

  • What You Should Do Just Before Death
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi


    Death is a reality in which all human beings believe. However, it is also a reality which most of us like to keep out of our minds.

    In Islam, death is not an end to our existence; it is a passage, which takes us from this world to the hereafter – the actual purpose for our creation and the result of our work in this life. Whether we fear death or not depends on how much we have prepared for the reckoning of the Day of Judgement.

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  • Wasiyatnama, Last Will & Testament
    by: Ayatullah Shaykh Abdullah Mamkani

    The Ayatullah's will to his children, relatives, friends, and well-wishers. Advice on achieving higher spiritual levels.

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  • Burial Rituals
    by: Muhammadhusein Kermali

    Required actions before and immediately after death, during the Ghusl (washing the body), Kafan, and Salat al-Mayyit.

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  • Cosa fare poco prima e dopo la morte
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    “Cosa dovreste fare prima e dopo la morte”
    by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi


    La morte è una realtà in cui tutti gli esseri umani credono. Ma è anche una realtà a cui la maggior parte di noi preferisce evitare di pensare.

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  • Un sermone nel ricordo della morte
    by: Walid al Mazidi

    Un sermone nel ricordo della morte

    Un sermone commovente per farci ricordare della morte e dei suoi momenti importanti, e di ciò che accadrà a tutti dopo la morte.


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  • In Defence of Islamic Laws
    by: Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi

    This book contains the text of three memoranda submitted by the author to the Kenyan government in response to a request by the government seeking clarification on issues of the laws of matrimony,succession, and hijab in the Shi'a faith.

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  • The Last Journey, Translation of Manazil Al- Akhirah
    by: Shaykh 'Abbas Qummi

    The Last Journey is an amazing book that explains in an extensive manner the processes involved in the act of death and their meaning.

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  • Eternal Life (Life After Death)
    by: Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari

    What happens when we die? Is that the end of everything or is that the beginning of everything? What does Afterlife, Purgatory and the Day of Judgement mean? What is the connection between this earthly life and the Afterlife?
    This text lifts the veil on the mysteries surrounding these issues, helping the reader in reviewing his philosophy of this world, encouraging him to prepare for the Hereafter.

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  • Making an Islamic Will
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    A clear and concise book by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi explaining the necessity of making a will and the Islamic procedure of creating it.

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  • Mambo Yanayomhusu Maiti
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Mahdi Shushtari

    Maelezo yote kuhusu mambo anayofanyiwa mtu anapokata roho na baadaye namna ya kumwosha na kadhalika, kwa mujibu wa madhehebu ya Shia ithnaashariyya yamo katika kitabu hiki. Kila mwislamu anashauriwa aisome

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  • Maswali kuhusu Maiti

    Maswali kuhusu Maiti

    Jarida hili lina maswali machache kuhusu mambo yanayomhusu maiti.

    SWALI LA KWANZA: Umeuliza swali kuhusu

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