Politics & Current Affairs

  • Islam and Democracy: An Obscure Relationship
    by: Fatima Al-Samak

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  • Al-Qods: Gerusalemme fra Attualità ed Eternità

    La storia di Al-Qods, Gerusalemme, e la sua importanza dal punto di vista islamico


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  • La Fusion de lo Gnostico y lo Político en la personalidad del Imam Khomeini(ra)
    by: Hamid Algar

    Extraído de:
    El Mensaje de Az-Zaqalain nº 24


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  • Peace and Jihad in Islam
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    A short text that discusses the various facets of "Jihãd" according to the Qur'an, and addresses the issues raised by critics who quote Qur'anic verses to argue that Islam is intrinsically non-peaceful.


    (This book is an expanded version of the talk given on the “Islam in Focus” TV program of October 2001)


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  • Una Descripción del Saber y Conducta del Imam Khomeini
    by: Ayatallah Yawadi Amoli

    Una descripción del saber y conducta del Imam Khomeini por el Ayatallah Yawadi Amolí.


    Algo que ha de separarse de otras cuestiones a considerar, es la proximidad y el conocimiento que hemos de tener del guía de la revolución islámica Hadrat Imam Khomeini.

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  • Islamic Government: Governance of the Jurist
    by: Imam Khomeini

    This book originated in a series of lectures given at Najaf between January 21 and February 8, 1970. Three major points emerge from the lectures. The first is the necessity for the establishment and maintenance of Islamic political power for Islamic goals, precepts, and criteria. The second is the duty of the religious scholars (the fuqahā) to bring about an Islamic state. Third, a program of action for the establishment of an Islamic state, including various measures for self-reform by the religious establishment.

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  • The Wahhabia Movement: The True Image

    This text, prepared and published by Al-Ghadeer Center for Islamic Studies and translated by Hamid S. Atiyyah, reveals the facts about the Wahhabia doctrine and sheds lights on its origins, school of thought, and relation with other sects of Islam.

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  • L'Islam e la Questione della Libertà

    Questo testo analizza il concetto di libertà secondo l'ottica islamica, facendo dei paragoni con il concetto occidentale di libertà .


    Nella teologia e nella filosofia islamica il concetto di libertà è un argomento molo discusso, soprattutto di recente.

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  • Slavery
    by: Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

    Slavery in ancient times, Christianity and slavery, Islam attacks slavery, slaves in the history of Islam, the Negro slavery, and the abolition of slavery.

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  • An Islamic Perspective of Political Economy: The Views of (late) Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr
    by: T.M. Aziz

    This article is part of the author's dissertation on "The Islamic Political Theory of Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr of Iraq." He is a Visiting Scholar at the Center of Near Eastern Studies, UCLA.

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  • L Islam e la Civilizzazione Occidentale
    by: Sayyid Mujtaba Musawi Lari

    Un'analisi del mondo Occidentale visto dal punto di vista di un erudito musulmano.

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  • Islamic Political Theory (Legislation): Volume 1
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    The first of two volumes of the renowned and comprehensive text on Islamic political theory by Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi, dealing with the importance of recognizing Islam as the basis of any just political theory, methods of implementing such a theory by the government, and comparing and contrasting this Islamic system with the system predominant in most Western ans secular nations.

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  • Pace e Jihad nell Islam
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    Questo articolo spiega il concetto di Jihad nell'Islam portando riferimenti dal sacro Corano e confuta gli stereotipi e preconcetti riguardo al Jihad propagati dai media occidentali.

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  • A Cursory Glance at the Theory of Wilayat al-Faqih
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    This work contains a number of speeches, articles, books, and question-and-answer sessions of the erudite professor, Haḍrat Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi (may his sublime presence endure), which have been compiled, edited and published by the author on the subject of Wilayat al-Faqih. We believe that in the current status of our society, wilayat al-faqih constitutes the central pillar of Islam, and its safety contributes to the splendor of Islam and Islamic laws and values in the society.

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  • Islam and the Contemporary Man
    by: Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn at-Tabataba'i

    This text titled "Islam and the Contemporary Man" discusses how Islam is a universal religion that can be applied in the modern day. Key topics and questions are addressed such as nature of man, philosophical and scientific problems, creation and resurrection, and essence of existence.

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  • Imam Khomeini, Ethics and Politics
    by: Sayyid Hasan Islami

    The volume is a discussion on ethics and its relation to politics from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini. The discussions in this book are presented in three parts. The first part is a view on the ethical principles of Imām Khomeinī’s Islamic thought and his fundamental views on ethics. The second part is a deliberation on the relation between ethics and politics. The third part deals with ethical politics and ethical elements in politics

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  • Islamic Political Theory (Legislation): Volume 2
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    The second of two volumes of the renowned and comprehensive text on Islamic political theory by Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi, dealing with the importance of recognizing Islam as the basis of any just political theory, methods of implementing such a theory by the government, and comparing and contrasting this Islamic system with the system predominant in most Western ans secular nations.

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  • Iqbal: The Poet Philosopher of Islamic Resurgence
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Khamene'i

    About Allamah Iqbal's Poetry on the Islamic Society, Revolution, Tawhid & Prophethood.

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  • Towards a Definition of Terrorism
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Ali Tashkiri

    What is terrorism? Why does it happen? Islamic response to terrorism and oppression in the world.

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  • Islam and Iran: A Historical Study of Mutual Services
    by: Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari

    A discussion of the mutual services of Islam and Iran, the revival of the Persian language, and the Iranian choice of Shi'i Islam.

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  • Western Nationalism and Islamic Nationhood
    by: Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari

    Martyr Murtada Mutahhari's introduction to his book 'The Mutual Services of Islam and Iran' detailing the difference between the concept of Nationalism in the West and the Islamic Nationhood

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  • A Criticism of the Idea of Arab Nationalism
    by: Dr. Muhammad Yahya

    Contradictions in the concept of Arab Nationalism, and an explanation of its major positions.

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  • Foreign Policy of an Islamic State
    by: Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini

    A detailed paper by Ibrahim Amini on the Foreign Policy of an Islamic State.

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  • Nasir al-Din Tusi and His Socio-Political Role in the Thirteenth Century
    by: Abbas Ali Shameli

    In this paper, the author refers to scientific and socio-political role of Khajah Nasir al-Din Tusi in one of the most critical eras of Islamic history and examines some of the controversies that exist about his affiliations.

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  • Tolleranza religiosa nell'Islam
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    Tolleranza religiosa nell Islam

    Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi1

    Traduzione di una conferenza tenuta da Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi dove spiegava e illustrava, dando vari riferimenti dal Sacro Corano e dalle Tradizioni (Ahadith).


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  • L'Islam e la questione della violenza
    by: Seyyed Hosseyn Nasr

    Nonostante la presenza della violenza in molte regioni del mondo a partire dall’Irlanda al Libano fino al bacino del Pacifico e coinvolgente molte religioni dal Cristianesimo all’Induismo, il mondo occidentale associa l’Islam, più di ogni altra religione, con la violenza. La conquista musulmana della Spagna, le Crociate – che non furono cominciate dai Musulmani – e la dominazione ottomana dell’Europa orientale hanno prodotto un ricordo dell’Islam legato alla forza e al potere.

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  • The Utility of Islamic Imagery in the West
    by: J.A. Progler

    A discussion of the negative imagery of Islam in the West. The Orient and Orientalism. Medieval Phantasms of Sex and Violence . Holy War, and The Utility of "Muslim Terror" in Israeli-American Relations.

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  • Politics, Protest and Piety in Qajar Iran
    by: N. Zahra Rizvi

    Politics, Protest and Piety in Qajar Iran: Exploring the reasons for the participation of the ‘ulama in the Constitutional Revolution of 1905-1911

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  • Importance of the Problems of World View
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    An article from the journal al-Tawhid, on the importance of the problem of World Views, taking into consideration the Philosophical, Scientific and Metaphysical views.

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  • A Note on Some Recent Western Writing on Islamic Resurgence
    by: Dr. Ibrahim M. Abu Rabi

    This article revolves around certain presuppositions, themes, and theories related to a selected number of Western writings on Islamic resurgence in the modern Arab world.

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  • The Islamic Revolution of 1920 in Iraq
    by: Zuhayr Sulayman
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  • Message to Pilgrims of Hajj 1424 (2004)
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Khamene'i

    The Message of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran, His Excellence Ayatullah al-Udhma Sayyed Ali Khamenei to the pilgrims of Hajj Dul-Hajjah 1424

    In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

    Once again, the Muslim Ummah is holding its great annual congregation and is giving an appropriate response to the call:

    واذن في الناس بالحج

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  • Imam Khomeini on Islamic Unity
    by: Imam Khomeini

    "Today, world peace is such that all countries are under the political influence of the superpowers; they observe a control everywhere and have schemes for defeating every group. The most important of these is sowing discord among brothers. 

    Muslims should be awake, Muslims should be alert that if a dispute takes place among Sunni and Shi'ite brothers, it is harmful to all of us, it is harmful to all Muslims. Those who want to sow discord are neither Sunni nor Shi'ite, they are agents of the superpowers and work for them.

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  • End of Islamic Spain: Dates, Names and Places
    by: Dr T. B Irving

    The End of Islamic Spain, including Dates, names and Places

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  • The Social Dimensions of Wilayah
    by: Mohammad Ali Shomali

    The Social Dimensions of Wilayah

    Mohammad Ali Shomali

    The following is a transcript of a lecture delivered by the respected scholar on June 4, 2009 on the occasion of the death anniversary of Imam Khumayni in Qom, Iran.

    Abstract: The concept of wilayah plays an important role within Shia doctrine. While much focus has been placed on its vertical dimension—i.e., the connection between the wali and those who fall under his wilayah—the horizontal dimension is often neglected or misunderstood.

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  • Islamic Renewal in Iberia and Latin America: Its Needs and Preconditions
    by: Dr T. B Irving

    A study of the status of Islam in the Iberian world (Spain, Portugal and Latin America)

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  • Legislation in an Islamic State
    by: Ahmad Jannati

    Ahmad Jannati writes about Legislation in an Islamic State detailing the concept from time of The Prophet (saww), its importance in today's society and role of Ijtihad in legislation

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  • Gli Sciiti del Libano
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    Breve storia della comparsa degli sciiti nel Libano, con un accenno biografico a famosi ulama' libanesi.


    L’emergere del Libano

    Il Libano, porta di accesso al Medio Oriente, segna la fascia costiera del Mar Mediterraneo sull’Occidente, confinando al nord ed all’est con la Siria e coesistendo precariamente con l’attuale Israele nel sud.

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  • The Ideal Islamic Government
    by: Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi

    This text presents the ideal Islamic government in the eyes of Imam 'Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) through his letter to Malik Al Ashtar.

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  • Islam e Libertà
    by: Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai

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  • In Pakistan we have Selective Islam
    by: Imran Khan

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful

    My generation grew up at a time when the colonial hang up was at its peak. Our older generation had been slaves and had a huge inferiority complex of the British. The school I went to was similar to all the elite schools in Pakistan, despite becoming independent, they were, and still are, producing replicas of English public school boys rather than Pakistanis. I read Shakespeare which was fine, but no Iqbal.

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  • La Rivoluzione Islamica e la Guerra Imposta
    by: Shahid Charman

    La Rivoluzione Islamica e la Guerra Imposta, Un discorso di Shahid Charman sulla Rivoluzione Islamica e sulla seguente guerra Iran-Iraq

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  • Dichos de Imam Jomeini
    by: Hamid Algar

    Dichos del Emam Khomeini recopilados del libro Cuarenta Hadices, que cubren los vicios y virtudes del alma, el desapego y el viaje espiritual.


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  • La Wilayat ul-Faqih

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  • L Albero Insano
    by: Comunita Shiita Italiana

    L Albero Insano

    Alcune considerazioni sulla modernità occidentale alla luce dell’Islam

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  • La Metà Nascosta della Luna: Il martire Hemmat descritto dalla moglie
    by: Jila Badihian
    Dati Biografici:
    Muĥammad Ibraĥim Hemmat
    (martire della guerra Iran – Iraq)
    Data di nascita: 2 Aprile 1955
    Iscrizione alla scuola di Isfahan: 1973
    Trasferimento in Kurdistan: Giugno 1980
    Matrimonio con Jila Badihian (nata nel 1958): Dicembre 1981
    Martirio: 5 Marzo 1983
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  • Shiismo Ed Imperialismo

    Shiismo Ed Imperialismo

    L’islam Shi’ita Come Alternativa Radicale All’imperialismo nichilista della modernità occidentale

    Nel nome di Allah , Clemente e Misericordioso

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