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The End

Ubaidullah bin Ziyad ordered the police to bring Maytham. He said to him:

I've heard that you're a companion of Ali's!

Maytham said:


Ubaidullah bin Ziyad said to Maytham:

Will you disown him?

Maytham said:

No, I won't!

Ubaidullah bin Ziyad said:

Surely, I'll kill you!

Maytham said:

By Allah, Imam Ali [a] has told me that you will kill me! He has told me that you will cut my hands, legs, and tongue!

Ibn Ziyad stormily said:

Your Imam is a liar!

Maytham jeered at that foolish person (Ubaidullah).

Ibn Ziyad ordered the police to tie Maytham to the date-palm trunk near the house of Amru bin Huraith. Besides, he ordered them to cut off his hands and legs.


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