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Sermon 230: The Prophet manifested….

Amir al-mu'minin delivered this sermon at Dhiqar on his way to Basrah, and the historian al-Waqidi has mentioned it (in Kitab al-Jamal)

ومن خطبة له (عليه السلام)

خطبها بذي قار، وهو متوجّه إلى البصرة

ذكرها الواقِدي في كتاب "الجمل"

About the Holy Prophet

The Prophet manifested whatever he was commanded and conveyed the messages of his Lord. Consequently, Allah repaired through him the cracks, joined through him the slits and created (through him) affection among kin although they bore intense enmity in (their) chests and deep-seated rancour in (their) hearts.

فَصَدَعَ بَمَا أُمِرَ بِهِ، وَبَلَّغَ رِسَالَةِ رَبِّهِ، فَلَمَّ اللهُ بِهِ الصَّدْعَ، وَرَتَقَ بِهِ الْفَتْقَ، وَأَلَّفَ بِهِ بَيْنَ ذَوِي الاْرْحَامِ، بَعْدَ الْعَدَاوَةِ الْوَاغِرَةِ فِي الصُّدُورِ، والضَّغَائِنِ الْقَادِحَةِ فِي الْقُلُوبِ.

Alternative Sources for Sermon 230

(1) Al-Mufid, al-Jamal, 127;

(2) al-Mufid, al-'Irshad, 115; from (3)

(3) al-Waqidi, al-Jamal,

(4) Ibn `Abd Rabbih, al-`Iqd, II, 227.

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