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Letter 8: To Jarir ibn `Abdillah al-Bajali

Jarir bin Abdullah Bajali was sent to Damascus. He was carrying a letter for Mu'awiya. Some delay occurred in his return. Imam Ali (a) felt anxious about his safety and wrote the following letter to him: 

ومن كتاب له (عليه السلام)

إلى جرير بن عبدالله البجلي لما أرسله إلى معاوية

Now then, when you receive this letter of mine ask Mu'awiyah to take a final decision and to follow a determined course.Then ask him to choose either war that exiles him from home or ignoble peace. If he chooses war leave him alone, but if he chooses peace secure his allegiance; and that is an end to the matter.

أَمَّا بَعْدُ، فَإِذَا أَتَاكَ كِتَابِي فَاحْمِلْ مُعَاوِيَةَ عَلَى الْفَصْلِ، وَخُذْهُ بَالاْمْرِ الْجَزْمِ، ثُمَّ خَيِّرْهُ بَيْنَ حَرْب مُجْلِيَة، أَوْ سِلْم مُخْزِيَة، فَإِنِ اخْتَارَ الْحَرْبَ فَانْبِذْ إِلَيْهِ، وَإِنِ اخْتَارَ السِّلْمَ فَخُذْ بَيْعَتَهُ، وَالسَّلاَمُ.

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