Islam and Christianity

  • Jesus through Shiite Narrations
    by: Mahdi Muntazir Qa'im

    Categorized collection of hadith (narrations) on Prophet Jesus (a) from the Shia books of Hadith. Topics include: His childhood, characteristics, the disciples, children of Israel, the Gospel, supplications to God among others.

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  • A Closer Look at Christianity
    by: Mohamed Qasem


    Since I was young I always loved discussing religion with others. I always wanted to know where the truth lay. The more discussions I had the more I learned about Islam. More and more I found Islam to be a truly great religion.

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  • Seeking the Straight Path: Reflections of a New Muslim
    by: Diana Masooma Beatty

    Common challenges and issues faced by converts,the reasoning behind conversion, analysis from a Western view of many controversial or misunderstood topics in Islam, and basic information needed by new converts. Spanish translation is also available.

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  • L Islam e la Civilizzazione Occidentale
    by: Sayyid Mujtaba Musavi Lari

    Un'analisi del mondo Occidentale visto dal punto di vista di un erudito musulmano.

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  • La figura di Maria (as) nell Islam
    by: Hojjatul-Islam Muhammad Saeed Bahmanpour

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  • Upendo Katika Ukristo Na Uislamu
    by: Mahnaz Heydarpoor

    Kitabu kilichoko mikononi mwako, ni tarjuma ya kitabu cha Kiingereza, kwa jina la: “Love in Christianity and Islam.” Sisi tumekiita: “Upendo katika Ukirsto na Uislamu. Kitabu hiki, “Upendo katika Ukristo na Uislamu” ni matokea ya utafiti wa kielimu uliofanyika na Mwanachuoni wa Kiislamu, Bi. Mahnaz Heydarpoor.

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  • Profecías acerca del Santo Profeta del Islam en las Escrituras
    by: Sayyed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi (ra)

    Profecías acerca del Santo Profeta tomadas de escrituras sagradas de otras religiones, como el judaísmo, hinduísmo y cristianismo.

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  • Biblia Neno La Mungu
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Mahdi Husaini Shirazi

    Hii ni tafsiri ya kijitabu kilichoandikwa kwa lugha ya Kiarabu, na Ayaatullah Seeyyid Muhammed Mahdi Shirazi wa Karbala. Sura nyingi zilichapishwa kwa mfulizo katika gazeti letu la Sauti ya Bilal na zilipendeza sana. Sasa kijitabu hiki kimechapishwa ili kuwaridhisha zaidi wasomaji wetu.

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  • Tolleranza religiosa nell'Islam
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    Tolleranza religiosa nell Islam

    Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi1

    Traduzione di una conferenza tenuta da Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi dove spiegava e illustrava, dando vari riferimenti dal Sacro Corano e dalle Tradizioni (Ahadith).


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  • Understanding the Universal Abrahamic Religion
    by: Allamah Muhammad Taqi Ja'fari

    Understanding the Universal Abrahamic Religion: Bringing Together Ahl al- Kitab and Attracting their Attention to the Need for Unity

    Text of the speech of Professor Muhammad Taqi Ja‘fari at the conference on Islam and Christianity held in Switzerland on the November 27th, 1995. A major portion of this speech was first presented on the March 7th 1985, at the Society of Wisdom and Philosophy, Tehran. Translator: Bahador Shirazian; Editor: Yogi Sikand

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  • Jesus on Ethics: Forty Ahadith

    40 hadith from Prophet Isa- Jesus, his dialogue with Allah and a collection of verses from the Quran about this great Prophet. Demonstrates the reverence Muslims have for Jesus and the opportunity for inter-faith dialogue.

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  • Debate of Prophet Muhammad with Christians

    This is the second part of the series of power point presentations on Debates of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with scholars and representatives of five different religions. This part presents Prophet's debate with the Christians in Medina.

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  • Search for Truth
    by: S.V. Mir Ahmad Ali

    This text contains the detailed minutes of a Muslim lecturer's discussion with Mr. Joseph and his teacher and mathematics professor about the basic doctrines of Christianity as well as about Islam. The object of this publication is to arm young Muslim minds with the truth so they can defend the unreasonable criticisms against Islam.

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