• Jihad The Holy War of Islam and Its Legitimacy in the Quran
    by: Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari

    Includes verses in the Qur'an that address Jihad (struggle in the way of God), legitimacy of Jihad, Islam and Peace, Defense vs. aggression, and human rights.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 11,864
  • Islamic Teachings in Brief
    by: Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai

    This book, written in a relatively simple language, presents a summary of the teachings of Islam.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 9,162
  • Rules for the Masjid (Mosque)

    Brief Presentation of Az-Zahra Islamic Centre

    Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre is a multipurpose complex consisting of a Mosque, Imamabargha, Gymnasium, Ghusl Rooms, Seniors’ Rooms, Nursery and Children’s Rooms, Offices as well as Madrasah and Elementary School. This 55,000 sq. ft. facility, built at a cost of about Cdn. $12 million, meets the needs, present and future, of Muslim community that is growing, dynamic and visionary.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 8,389
  • A Code of Practice For Muslims in the West
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Hussaini Sistani

    Islamic laws explained with focus on the problems and issues faced by the Muslims in the West presented in a question and answer format.

    Comments: 1 Total views: 7,554
  • Music and its Effects
    by: A. H. Sheriff

    In this booklet, the author discusses the detrimental effects of music on our lives. He talks about the origin of music and its effects from various points of views. He also discusses what the Qur'an and narrations of the Ahlul Bayt have to say on this matter.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 7,431
  • The Basics of Islamic Jurisprudence
    by: Hassan Al-Rida'i

    A description of the general and specific topics that are covered in Islamic jurisprudence such as terminologies, sects, sources and subjects.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 7,034
  • Philosophy of Islamic Laws
    by: Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi, Ayatullah Jafar Subhani

    In this book, the authors have endeavored to reply to over a hundred commonly asked questions about Islamic laws and practices and have also explained the reasons being various Islamic directives.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 6,754
  • The Ritual Ablutions for Women
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    Knowing the laws regarding the monthly periods and pre or post-natal bleeding is an essential duty of every Muslim woman. This book consists of three parts (1) Menstruation (2) Irregular Bleeding (3) Post-natal Bleeding.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 6,688
  • Ain-Al Hayat, The Essence of Life
    by: Allamah Muhammad Baqir Majlisi

    ‘Ain-Al Hayat عين الحياة
    The book begins with the biographical descriptions of some of the truest Companions of The Prophet (S), namely, Salman Farsi, Abu Dharr Ghifari and Miqdad Al-Aswad.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 6,496
  • Islamic Government: Governance of the Jurist
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Imam Ruhallah Musawi Khomeini

    This book originated in a series of lectures given at Najaf between January 21 and February 8, 1970. Three major points emerge from the lectures. The first is the necessity for the establishment and maintenance of Islamic political power for Islamic goals, precepts, and criteria. The second is the duty of the religious scholars (the fuqahā) to bring about an Islamic state. Third, a program of action for the establishment of an Islamic state, including various measures for self-reform by the religious establishment.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 6,422
  • Ijtihad: Its Meaning, Sources, Beginnings and the Practice of Ray
    by: Muhammad Ibrahim Jannati

    An Analysis of Ijtihad, including its Meaning, Sources, Beginnings and the Practice of Ra'y. These extracts have been published in several issues of Al-Tawhid Journal: Vol.5 No.2, 3, Vol.6, No.1, Vol.7, No.3,

    Comments: 0 Total views: 5,246
  • 180 Questions Enquiries About Islam Volume One: The Practical Laws
    by: Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi

    The first of three volumes containing detailed answers to inquiries about the philosophical and historical aspects of certain rules in Islam and prominent events that occurred during the life of the Prophet. These inquiries were answered by Ayatullah al-'Uzma Hajj Shaykh Nasir Makarim Shirazi, and translated into English by Shahnawaz Mahdavi.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 5,214
  • Laws and Practices: How to Perform Wudhu and Tayammum

    A handy, simplified guide to how to perform ablution (wudhu) or tayammum.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 5,124
  • 180 Questions Enquiries About Islam Volume Two: Various issues
    by: Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi

    The second of three volumes containing detailed answers to inquiries about the philosophical and historical aspects of certain rules in Islam and prominent events that occurred during the life of the Prophet. These inquiries were answered by Ayatullah al-'Uzma Hajj Shaykh Nasir Makarim Shirazi, and translated into English by Shahnawaz Mahdavi.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 4,904
  • Principles of Faith (Usul al-Din)
    by: Ayatullah al-’Udhma Shaykh Husayn Vahid Khorasani

    This book contains both logical and textual proofs for the tenets and principles of Islam. It is written by one of the leading figures of the Religious Seminary in Qum, Ayatullah Vahid Khorasani.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 4,884
  • A Summary of Rulings
    by: Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi

    The English translation of the Risalatul Fiqh (text of Islamic Laws) of Grand Ayatullah Nasir Makarem Shirazi, with a helpful addition of a glossary of Arabic terms appended at the end for the benefit of non-Arabic speakers.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 4,779
  • The Concept Of Martyrdom In Islam
    by: A. Ezzati

    The concept of martyrdom in light of the Islamic concept of Holy Struggle (Jihad) and the doctrine of enjoining right and discovering wrong.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 4,632
  • The Roots of Religion

    A book that explains the Usul al-Deen (Roots of Religion). It helps resolve questions and doubts in relation to God, Prophethood, Imamate, Death and Jugement Day.

    Comments: 1 Total views: 4,386
  • Taqiyyah
    by: Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi

    What is Taqiyah? When can it be used? Best way to perform taqiyah, and when it is not allowed.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 4,139
  • Elements of Islamic Studies
    by: Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi

    A greatly beneficial text book for students of all ages who wish to learn or review the basic fundamentals of Islamic studies. This booklet is based mostly on the lessons of Maulana Sayyid Sa’eed Akhtar Rizvi, though at the time of editing he has added some lessons from the 'Book of Salat' (Majlis-ul-Muslimeen, Karachi), and 'Diniyat' (Rah al-Najat Office, Karachi), with necessary adaptations.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 3,962
  • Islam and the Contemporary Man
    by: Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai

    This text titled "Islam and the Contemporary Man" discusses how Islam is a universal religion that can be applied in the modern day. Key topics and questions are addressed such as nature of man, philosophical and scientific problems, creation and resurrection, and essence of existence.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 3,800
  • Islamic Rulings: Medical Issues
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Khamene'i

    A compilation of queries on various topics answered by Ayatollah Sayyid ‘Ali Khamenei’i which have been arranged in topic-wise sections.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 3,617
  • Usages et Bons Comportements En Islam
    by: Al-'Allamah al-Majlici

    Cet ouvrage écrit par l'un des plus grands érudits musulman, Allamah al-Majliçi, s'appuie sur le Saint Coran et sur les traditions (habits) de nos Saints Massoumines (as), pour nous expliquer et nous justifier comment un musulman devrait se comporter vis-à-vis de Dieu et des Saints Massoumines (as), vis-à-vis de soi-même (respect de soit), vis-à-vis des autres (parents, enfants, conjoint, voisins, frères et soeurs de sang ou Islam, etc.), en privé, à la mosquée ou encore à table. Car après tout chaque musulman est l'ambassadeur de sa foi.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 3,503
  • Martyrdom: Arise and Bear Witness
    by: Dr. Ali Shariati

    A compilation of lectures by Dr Ali Shariati on the concept of martyrdom, and the importance of martyrdom in Shi'ite ideology.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 3,490
  • Introduzione Alla Shari'ah Islamica
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    Il presente lavoro è un tentativo per far familiarizzare il lettore con la Shari°ah, il sistema giuridico Islamico. Il primo e il secondo capitolo definiscono la necessità della Shari°ah e spiegano il modo in cui un Musulmano può vivere in accordo ad essa. Il terzo capitolo riguarda il Taqlid: un processo in cui il credente Shi°ita segue i responsi giuridici di un Mujtahid vivente (un esperto di Shari°ah). Il quarto capitolo affronta la tendenza a razionalizzare le leggi della Shari°ah.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 3,399
  • World of Our Youth
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Fadlullah

    Youth in the light of Qur'an, essential models, responsibilities, and the Shari'a view.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 3,058
  • Beliefs: The Importance of Ijtihad and Taqlid

    A brief text providing logical and textual proofs on the need for ijtihad and taqleed.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,980
  • Biblia Neno La Mungu
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Mahdi Husaini Shirazi

    Hii ni tafsiri ya kijitabu kilichoandikwa kwa lugha ya Kiarabu, na Ayaatullah Seeyyid Muhammed Mahdi Shirazi wa Karbala. Sura nyingi zilichapishwa kwa mfulizo katika gazeti letu la Sauti ya Bilal na zilipendeza sana. Sasa kijitabu hiki kimechapishwa ili kuwaridhisha zaidi wasomaji wetu.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,881
  • Istikhara: Seeking the Best from Allah (swt)
    by: Muhammad Baqir Haideri

    A detail explanation of the true meaning of Istikhara & it's proper usage.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,783
  • Divine (Allah’s) Judgment (Hokm) versus Human Judgment (Hokm)
    by: Dr. Hatem Abu Shahba

    Divine (Allah’s) Judgment (Hokm) versus Human Judgment (Hokm)
    Written by: Dr. Hatem Abu Shahba
    Translated by: Jerrmein Abu Shahba

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,421
  • Pork
    by: Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi

    Question n.1

    Question: What is the teaching of Islam about pork?

    Answer: Pig is absolutely unclean and eating its meat, and fat etc., as well as using its skin or any other parts is strictly forbidden. Allah has said in various places in the Holy Qur'an:

    حُرِّمَتْ عَلَيْكُمُ الْمَيْتَةُ وَالدَّمُ وَلَحْمُ الْخِنْزِيرِ ….

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,328
  • Udhuu Kwa Mtazamo Wa Qurani Na Sunna
    by: Sheikh Jafar Subhani

    Kitabu kilichoko mikononi mwako, ni tarjuma ya kitabu cha Kiarabu kwa jina la: kilichoandikwa na Sheikh Ja'far al-Subhani. Sisi tumekiita: "Udhuu kwa mtazamo wa Qur'ani na Sunnah" Kitabu hiki kinahusu Udhuu. Udhuu ni tendo la kunawa (kutawadha) kisheria kwa ajili ya kutekeleza ibada ya Swala.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,278
  • The Role of Reason in Ijtihad
    by: Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari

    Ash'ari and Mu'tazali beliefs in the role of reason. Qiyas in legislation. The Shi'ite position.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,229
  • Defence and Jihad in the Quran
    by: Ahmad Jannati

    A paper by Ahmad Jannati about Defence and Jihad from Qur`an, explaining the meaning, types, significance and goals of Jihad.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,089
  • The Tendency of Rationalizing the Laws of the Shari'ah
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    "Why we have to pray five times a day? Why dogs and hogs are regarded unclean (najis)? Why an animal slaughtered in a non-Islamic way is forbidden (haram) and unclean?"

    These are but a few of the many questions asked by our youngsters about the laws of the shari'ah.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 2,087
  • An Introduction to The Islamic Shari’ah
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    In this text, Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi has outlined the fundamentals of Shari'ah and how to live by the teachings and laws of Islam. He discusses Taqlid, understanding of the laws and the reasoning behind them, and even the concept of Ijtihad.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,833
  • An Outline of Law from a Quranic Perspective
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    A paper analyzing the features of Islamic law from a Qur'anic perspective. It explains how, according to Islam, politics, morality and worldly affairs cannot be separated from religion.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,815
  • Jannat na Jahannam
    by: Amiraly M.H. Datoo

    Kitabu hiki anaelezea Jannat na Jahannam.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,679
  • An Outline of the History of Restriction on Ijtihad
    by: Shaykh Aga Buzurg Tehrani

    The history and significance of Ijtihad in Sunni and Shi'i developments.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,615
  • Jurispudence Made Easy
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Hussaini Sistani

    The book is in the form of questions and answers based on fatwa of Ayatullah Al-Seestani, on the verses of Jurisprudence, that includes the matters of worship, financial transactions and man's personal status such as matrimonial matter

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,458
  • Forgiveness in Islam
    by: Arifa Hudda

    Forgiveness in Islam

    There is a beautiful “whispered prayer” known as Munaajat Sha’baniyyah, also referred to as the Munaajat of Imam Ali, peace be upon him. It was recited by him and all of the other Imams and ranks amongst the most sublime of their prayers.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,430
  • Islamic Economy: Its Ideological and Legal Foundations
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Ali Tashkiri

    Ideological and legal foundations of an Islamic economy, its major features and purposes, and its flexibility as well as connections with other systems.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,409
  • Repentance as Demolition and Reconstruction

    This book explores the true meaning of repentance and guides on how to achieve it.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,325
  • Jihad and Shahadat
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Mahmud Taleqani

    Jihad and Shahadat
    By Ayatullah Sayyid Mahmud Taleqani

    Jihad (struggle in the way of God) in Islam, its importance, role, limitations and necessity. And the concept of shahadat (martyrdom) in Islam.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,253
  • Theological Instructions Vol. 1
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    Theological Instructions Vol. 1 in Bangla by Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,195
  • La Wilayat ul-Faqih

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,124
  • Dalla Gnosi al Martirio
    by: Hojjatulislam Mohammad Hadi Abdekhoda'i

    Nell’eroica esistenza dell’Imam Hosseyn (as) rispondono quattro idee: gnosi (°Irfàn), amore, lotta sulla via di Allah (Jihàd), martirio.


    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,107
  • Justice, Peace and Prophet Muhammad
    by: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

    A short text on the topic of Islamic emphasis on justice and peace between peoples of differing backgrounds and religions, as seen through Qur'anic verses and the honorable treatment of his opponents by Prophet Muhammad.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 1,045
  • A Short Discussion on the Basic Foundations of Faith
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir As-Sadr
    Comments: 0 Total views: 926
  • Who is the Law Maker?

    This study aims to provide a clear vision and present in its true perspective the thought and position of the Muslim individual about the law and the law maker.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 887
  • Fire Inside Coming Out: Anger

    This is a collection of Ahadith of Masumeen (as) on Anger, its destructive effects on intellect, faith and soul of a person and the reward for controlling it.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 862
  • Introducción a las Obligaciones y Derechos de la Mujer
    by: Ibrahim Amini

    Este libro aborda cuestiones sobre el estado y situación de las mujeres, sus actividades sociales, políticas y culturales, la libertad, el estilo de vida, los derechos naturales y adquiridas, y otras cuestiones desde el punto de vista islámico.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 849
  • A Very Common Disease: Backbiting

    This power point presentation is about the common spiritual disease and a grave sin: Backbiting, with references to Ahadith from Masumeen. It also discusses the cure of backbiting and the situations where it is allowed.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 841
  • Madhambi Yamfanyayo Mtu Kuingia Jahannam
    by: Amiraly M.H. Datoo

    Madhambi Yamfanyayo Mtu Kuingia Jahannam


    Hadithi hii ilisomwa na: Sheikh Akmal Hussein Taheri - Bukoba.

    Mwanadamu yupo daima anatenda madhambi kutokana na nafsi yake mwenyewe. Malaika walipomwabia Allah swt kuwa mjumbe wake huyu atakuwa mtenda madhambi. Naye Allah swt akawaabia kuwa yeye ayajua zaidi kuliko wao.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 815
  • In Defence of Islamic Laws
    by: Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi

    This book contains the text of three memoranda submitted by the author to the Kenyan government in response to a request by the government seeking clarification on issues of the laws of matrimony,succession, and hijab in the Shi'a faith.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 805
  • Theological Instructions Vol. 2
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    Theological Instructions Vol. 2 in Bangla by Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    Comments: 0 Total views: 723
  • Furu'uddin (i Rami Della Religione)

    Questo libretto, con l’aiuto di immagini colorate ed esplicative, spiega in modo semplice e chiaro i furu’ ud-din, i rami della Religione.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 672
  • Theological Instructions Vol. 3
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    Theological Instructions Vol. 3 in Bangla by Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    Comments: 0 Total views: 636
  • The Right to Life in Islam
    by: Abbass Khajeh Piri

    The right to life is the basic right from which all the others derive. This text includes discussions about: the sanctity of life from the Islamic perspective, murder, unintentional killing, the death penalty and compensations for victims and also includes discussions of abortion, suicide, and euthanasia.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 580
  • The Rites of Umrah al-Mufradah
    by: Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi

    This book has the latest jurisprudential opinions of his highness Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi about Umrah which have been mentioned in different books accompanying his latest Fatwas.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 572
  • Principles of Sociology in Islam

    This valuable and interesting book, familiarizes the esteemed reader, in the background of Islamic unity and brotherhood, with the humble but firm advice and commands of the holy verses and honorable traditions of the Holy Prophet (S) and the infallible Imams of his household (a.s.), and puts at his disposal the original text of many of these verses and traditions also so he presents, as well, examples of interesting and effective actions of these leaders.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 545
  • Da'wah: How to invite others to Islam PowerPoint presentation

    A beautiful PowerPoint presentation for youth and adults on Da’wah, or inviting others to Islam. Includes information on What is Da’wah? Why should we invite others to Islam? How to teach others about Islam, and Da’wah from a Shi’a perspective.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 494
  • Porc
    by: Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi

    Comments: 0 Total views: 490
  • Kutoa Au Kuomba Sadaka
    by: Sheikh Hurr ‘Aamili

    Kitabu hiki cha ‘Kutoa na Kuomba Sadaka’ inaelezea faida ya kutoa Sadaka kwa kina na maelezo yote ni sahihi kwa sababu ni ahadith za Mtume (s) na Maimamu a.s.

    Ahadith yaani ni maneno na vitendo ambavyo Mtume Muhammad (s) alikuwa akisema au akifanya katika kipindi chake cha utume na baadaye zimefuatwa na Maimamu a.s.

    Mwandishi wa awali amefanya utafiti pana na kisha akai andika vizuri sana kwa muhtasari.
    Wafasiri nao wameweza kuitafsiri na kuleta maana kama ya awali kadri iwezekanavyo.
    Kitabu hiki ni ya manufaa sana kwa ajili ya wasomaji.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 440

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