Mohammad Ali Shomali

Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali is a graduate of the Islamic Seminaries of Qum. He has a BA and an MA in Western Philosophy from the University of Tehran and earned his Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Manchester. He has published the following books

  • Self-Knowledge (1996 & 2006, also translated into Malay, Spanish and Kiswahili)
  • Ethical Relativism: An Analysis of the Foundations of Morality (2001, also translated into Malay)
  • Shi‘a Islam: Origins, Faith & Practices (2003 & 2010; also translated into Spanish & Swedish)
  • Principles of Jurisprudence: An Introduction to Methodology of Fiqh (2006).

He has also co-edited

  • Catholics & Shi'a in Dialogue: Studies in Theology & Spirituality (2004)
  • Catholic-Shi'a Engagement: Reason & Faith in Theory and Practice(2006)
  • A Catholic-Shi‘a Dialogue: Ethics in Today’s Society (2008).


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