Shi'a beliefs explained

  • A Shi'ite Encyclopedia
    by: Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project Team

    A vast collection of information that addresses Shi`a/Sunni inter-school related issues. An effort of the Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project Team

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  • Muta', Temporary Marriage in Islamic Law
    by: Sachiko Murata

    A description of the legal situation of mut'a / mutah in Shi'ism and the origin of this divergence between Sunni and Shi'i law on temporary marriage

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  • The Shi'ah are the real Ahlul-Sunnah
    by: Muhammad al-Tijani al-Samawi

    An inquiry of an explorer of the truth into the delicate yet essential question of: "Who is best qualified to the claim of being a follower of Islam's Prophet in spirit and in practice?"

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  • A Probe into the History of Ashura'
    by: Dr. Ibrahim Ayati

    A history of the events leading to and including the tragedy of Karbala, and its aftermath.

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  • To Be With the Truthful
    by: Muhammad al-Tijani al-Samawi

    An extension of the book "Then I was Guided" by the same author, with the purpose of elaborating with further evidence on the truthfulness of Shia beliefs.

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  • La Prosternación sobre la Tierra o aquello que Brota de ella
    by: Aiatullah Ya'far Subhani

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  • A Shi'ite Anthology
    by: Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn at-Tabataba'i

    A collection of sayings, sermons, prayers and writings that cover the three basic dimensions of Shi'ite tradition: 1. The Unity of God 2. The political, social and moral teachings and 3. The spiritual life. Translated by William Chittick, and Introduction by Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

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  • ‘Ali: The Best of the Sahabah
    by: Toyib Olawuyi

    This book is an in-depth academic critique, and a thoroughly investigative refutation, of Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah’s Minhaj al-Sunnah on the specific question of Abu Bakr’s alleged superiority over Amir al-Muminin ‘Ali b. Abi Talib. The shaykh has adopted a two-pronged approach in his Minhaj. He presents arguments and proofs to support Abu Bakr’s superiority and discredits all arguments and proofs in favour of ‘Ali’s superiority.

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  • The World Finally Speaks At Karbala Tribunals
    by: Dr. Hatem Abu Shahba

    This text presents the heartbreaking historical facts of the tragedy of Husayn ibn 'Ali (as) for the first time in a courtroom setting and proposes the idea of establishing an international court tribunal to try his killers and the perpetrators of the massacre of Karbala. The author, Dr. Hatem Abu Shahba, presents a mock trial where the evidences in the form of historical documents, statements, and authentic facts are presented to allow for a fair verdict, with the hope that this idea can become a reality one day.

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  • Arbaeen of Imam Husayn
    by: Shaykh Saleem Bhimji

    What follows in this piece is a brief look at the “Arba‘een” [the commemoration of 40 days after the tragic events of Karbala] of Imam al-Husayn, peace be upon him. The article concludes with the Arabic text of Ziyarat Arba‘een with full English translation and a brief exposition on certain passages of this powerful and moving visitation. Insha-Allah, a more comprehensive understanding of this ziyarat will be presented in the future.

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  • Al-Abbas

    In this book, the reader will find chapters covering the whole life account of al-Abbas in addition to a brief presentation of the historical circumstances that led him to be on the top in the list of the heroes of humanity in general and Islam in particular.

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  • Understanding Karbala
    by: Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi

    This text is basically a collection of articles published in different periodicals over the years and a radio speech, but they were arranged by the author himself in this present book form and published originally in Urdu.

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  • On The Khilafah Of ‘Ali Over Abu Bakr
    by: Toyib Olawuyi

    This text provides evidence for the Caliphate of Imam Ali (AS) over Abu Bakr using differents Traditions such as Hadith Al-Wilayah,Hadith Al-Tawliyah, and Hadith Al-Wirathah.

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  • The Uprising of Ashura and Responses to Doubts
    by: ‘Ali Asghar Ridwani

    A detailed account of the life of Imam Husayn (a) and his personality, the tragedy of Karbala and the sacrifice of the Imam (a) and his companions, and a detailed analysis of Shi’i behaviours, like mourning and crying to refute the doubts of being un-Islamic.

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  • Karbala and Beyond
    by: Yasin T. Al-Jibouri

    This book contains a brief yet documented narrative of an incident that took place in Karbala’’, Iraq, in 61 A.H. (After Hijra, or Hegira)/680 A.D. It has stamped the history of the Muslim nation ever since, and it will continue to do so till the reappearance of the Awaited One, the Mahdi from among the offspring of Prophet Muhammad. It refers to a revolution against tyranny and oppression led by Imam al-Husayn son of Imam Ali ibn [son of] Abu [father of] Talib and grandson of Prophet Muhammad.

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  • The truth about Al-Husayn’s Revolt
    by: Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari

    The text is a transcript of a sermon/lecture the late author had delivered in gatherings held in Tehran for the annual commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn. Original title: Haqiqatun Nahdhal Husayniya

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  • Mikesha Ya Peshwaar
    by: Sultanu ‘l-Wa’idhiin

    Kitabu kilichoko mikononi mwako ni tarjuma ya kitabu cha Kiingereza kiitwacho, Peshawar Nights. Asili ya kitabu hiki ni cha lugha ya Kifarsi kwa jina la, Shab’ha-ye Peshawar. Sisi tumekiita, Mikesha ya Peshawar.

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  • A Cursory Glance at the Theory of Wilayat al-Faqih
    by: Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

    This work contains a number of speeches, articles, books, and question-and-answer sessions of the erudite professor, Haḍrat Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi (may his sublime presence endure), which have been compiled, edited and published by the author on the subject of Wilayat al-Faqih. We believe that in the current status of our society, wilayat al-faqih constitutes the central pillar of Islam, and its safety contributes to the splendor of Islam and Islamic laws and values in the society.

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  • Wilayah, the Station of the Master
    by: Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari

    This text is a detailed study of the different meanings of the word Wilayah. The present translation is a very short example of the writing of the late Murtadha Mutahhari, but it gives a taste of the broad scope of his view of Islam and its dealings with every aspect of human life.

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  • Spurious Arguments about the Shia
    by: Abu Talib at-Tabrizi

    Shias have been accustomed to receiving accusations and having to put up with them. The accusations against Shias started on the death of our Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) and thus, Shias were made the adversary in the history of Islam. As the adversary, Shias had to bear the persecution and torture of the ruling authorities and the accusations, annoyance, and hurt from people across the ages. In this text, the great scholar Abu Talib At-Tabrizi presents a collection and analysis of some of the arguments which the Shias face.

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  • Brief Commentary On Hadeeth Al-Kisaa (Tradition of the Cloak)
    by: Jerrmein Abu Shahba

    This text presents a brief commentary for the valuable and well-known Hadith Al Kisaa’ that is commonly narrated by all schools of thought. The author, Jerrmein Abu Shahba, attempts to analyze each event and statement in this authentic tradition in order to extract the obvious and latent meanings and better appreciate its significance which marked the revelation of the Purification Verse (Ayat At-Tatheer) in honor of the purified AhlulBayt of the Holy Prophet (SA).

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  • Discovering Shi'i Islam
    by: Mohammad Ali Shomali

    Discovering Shi’i Islam is a brief introduction to main issues related to Islam in general and Shi’i Islam in particular. Though simply and clearly written, it is an outcome of more than twenty years of involvement in Islamic studies. The text studies the origins of Shi’i Islam and its sources, i.e. the, the Sunnah, the reason and consensus. It also studies fundamental doctrines and main practices of Islam.

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  • Selected Narrations about the Twelfth Imam volume 1
    by: Ayatullah Lutfullah as-Safi al-Gulpaygani

    This text, which is available in two volumes and is authored by Ayatullah Lutfullah as-Safi al-Gulpaygani, presents a handful of precious narrations about the 12th Awaited Imam. These narrations forecasting the coming of 12 Caliphs and their description and this text presents the implications and interpretations of these authentic traditions.

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  • Islamic Thought (Ma‘arif Islami) Book Two
    by: Ali Reza Amini, Mohsen Javadi

    This text is the second of two books and it analyzes the concept of prophethood and Imamate.

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  • Imam Husayn's Revolution: An Analytical Review
    by: Yusuf Fadhl

    This survey of the unique revolution of Imam Husayn (as) is analytical in essence, its purpose is to give a qualitative rather than quantative account. The following account is only a person's viewpoint which is not necessarily the complete answer, nevertheless, it is based on the most popular and trustworthy authorities on the subject.

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  • Ghadir Khumm, Where Religion Was Brought to Perfection
    by: Dr. Hasan Najafi

    This text provides the reader glimpses of the journey back from the farewell pilgrimage heading towards Ghadir Khumm where the religion of Islam was perfected with the divine appointment of Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb (AS) as Caliph and successor of the Holy Prophet (SA). The precious moments of selection, announcement, celebration, and public greetings are discussed as the reader reflects on this great event in the history of Islam.

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  • Ukweli Wa Shia Ithna Ashariyyah
    by: Dr. ‘Asad Wahid Al-Qaasim

    Kitabu kilichoko mikononi mwako, ni tarjuma ya kitabu cha Kiarabu, kwa jina la: Haqiqat Shi’a Ithna-Asahariyyah kilichoandikwa na, Dr. ‘Asad Wahid Al-Qaasim.

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  • Introduction to Kitab al-Irshad
    by: Muhammad Rida Ja‘fari

    This text is an introduction to Kitab al-Irshad written by Shaykh al-Mufid which covers the topics of Imamate and the different Shi'ah Sects.

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  • Selected Narrations about the Twelfth Imam volume 2
    by: Ayatullah Lutfullah as-Safi al-Gulpaygani

    This text, which is available in two volumes and is authored by Ayatullah Lutfullah as-Safi al-Gulpaygani, presents a handful of precious narrations about the 12th Awaited Imam. The narrations in this volume focus on the reappearance of the Awaited Imam and this text presents the implications and interpretations of these authentic traditions.

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  • An Inquiry Concerning Al-Mahdi
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir As-Sadr

    The concept of the Mahdi, his long life, personality and role.

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  • Ensayos Sobre El Shiismo, El Imamato Y La Wilayat
    by: Seyyed Mohammad Rizvi

    Ensayos sobre el shiismo, el Emamato y la Wilayat por Seyyed Mohammad Rizvi.

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  • Ghadir
    by: Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir As-Sadr, Dr. Sachedina, Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi, Husein Khimjee

    Al-Ghadir is the place where the Muslims had stopped was at Ghadir Khumm. The Prophet then delivered a sermon and appointed Imam Ali, peace be upon him, as his successor.

    This text provides a brief study on the origins of Shi’ism and how the ideology of Wilayah came to existence, and the theological-juridical implications for the Islamic political thought in relation to the Wilayah of Imam Ali (AS).

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  • The Ahlul-Bayt; Ethical Role-Models
    by: Sayyid Mahdi as-Sadr

    This book represents the excellence of the divine revelation as well as the wisdom of the Ahlul-Bayt (a) who progressed in the light of that revelation and understood its concepts to present it in the form of expressive wisdom, high trait, and moral lessons whose illumination and purity focus on souls to clean and light them through virtuous concepts.

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  • I Segni della Manifestazione del Mahdi (aj)
    by: Comunita Shiita Italiana

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  • The Recognition of Imam al-‘Asr: Significance and Obligations

    This text discusses the significance and obligations of the recognition of the Imam of our Time, Imam Mahdi. It sheds light on the topics of belief, disbelief, deviation, Imamate, and duties and responsibilities towards our Imam.

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  • Ghadir Tradition, The expressive evidence for guardianship

    Ghadir Tradition, The expressive evidence for guardianship

    Prepared by Islamic Sciences and Researches Group– Qom

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  • The Quran And Mourning for Hussain
    by: Jafar Ali Asil

    This booklet answers why we will not allow the suppression of the commemoration of Hussain’s martyrdom, for Hussain (pbuh) was the epitome of love and devotion to Allah.

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  • The Social Dimensions of Wilayah
    by: Mohammad Ali Shomali

    The Social Dimensions of Wilayah

    Mohammad Ali Shomali

    The following is a transcript of a lecture delivered by the respected scholar on June 4, 2009 on the occasion of the death anniversary of Imam Khumayni in Qom, Iran.

    Abstract: The concept of wilayah plays an important role within Shia doctrine. While much focus has been placed on its vertical dimension—i.e., the connection between the wali and those who fall under his wilayah—the horizontal dimension is often neglected or misunderstood.

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  • The Event of Taff, The Earliest Historical Account of the Tragedy of Karbala’
    by: Abu Mikhnaf

    This revised edition is the research and editing of [Abu Mikhnaf’s] work by Shaikh Muhammad Hadi al-Yusufi al-Gharawi.

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  • The Ideal Islamic Government
    by: Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi

    This text presents the ideal Islamic government in the eyes of Imam 'Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) through his letter to Malik Al Ashtar.

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  • The Golden Era of Reappearance

    This text addresses topics discussed in an exhibition concerning the originality and belief in the Mahdawiyat, establishment of justice and equity, and many other relevant topics.

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  • Principles of the Shi’ite Creed
    by: Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini

    A brief and concise text about the primary principles of the Islamic beliefs to familiarize themselves and their acquaintances with them.

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  • Descubriendo el Islam Shiah
    by: Mohammad Ali Shomali

    La presente obra es una versión resumida de El Islam Shi‘ah: Orígenes, Fe y Práctica del mismo autor. Esta breve versión se propone hacer una concisa alusión a los principales temas relacionados al Islam en general y al Islam Shi‘ah en particular. Estas dos obras representan una modesta tentativa de llenar algunas de las brechas que existen en el área de los estudios islámicos en general, y del Shi‘ismo en particular.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 635
  • Risalat al Huquq, El Tratado de los Derechos
    by: Imam Ali Zaynul 'Abidin

    El Tratado de los Derechos atribuido a Imam Zayn al-'Abidin es la unica obra que se le atribuye aparte de algunas súplicas o cartas y dichos relativamente cortos en la cual desarrolla un dicho muy conocido del Profeta: “Tu Señor tiene derecho sobre ti, tu alma tiene derecho sobre ti y tu esposa tiene derecho sobre ti”. El Imam explica allí lo que significa “todos los que poseen un derecho” mencionado en el hadiz anterior. A lo largo de su trabajo, proporciona ejemplos específicos, basándose en el Corán, la sunna y las acciones y los dichos de Imames anteriores.

    Comments: 0 Total views: 557
  • La realidad tal cual es
    by: Ya’far Al-Hadi

    La necesidad de mutuo conocimiento entre los musulmanes y sus escuelas ideológicas, es base a la unidad y comunicación para su cooperación mutua. El desconocimiento, aversión y división entre los musulmanes han sido las mayores causas para la caída de la existencia de esta comunidad única de gran legado cultural que dejaron las enseñanzas monoteístas del Islam.

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  • Completion of Argument
    by: Maulana Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

    This book covers almost all the major objections that scholars of Ahlul Sunnat on Shia Beliefs and and customs.

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  • Sects of Islam
    by: Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi

    This book discusses briefly but very clearly about those subjects that are not agreed among the Muslims and that are the causes of the appearance of different sects of Islam.

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