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Sermon 224: O My God! Preserve (the grace of) my face…

Supplication (seeking sufficiency from Allah)

ومن دعاء له (عليه السلام)

يلتجىء إلى الله أن يغنيه

O My God! Preserve (the grace of) my face with easiness of life and do not disgrace my countenance with destitution, lest I may have to beg a livelihood from those who beg from Thee, try to seek the favour of Thy evil creatures, engage myself in praising those who give to me, and be tempted in abusing those who do not give to me, although behind all these Thou art the master of giving and denying.

. . . Verily Thou over all things, art the All-powerful. (Qur'an, 66:8)

اللَّهُمَّ صُنْ وَجْهِي بِالْيَسَارِ، وَلاَتَبْذُلْ جَاهِيَ بِالْاِقتَارِ، فَأَسْتَرْزِقَ طَالِبِي رِزْقِكَ، وَأَسْتَعْطِفَ شِرَارَ خَلْقِكَ،وَأُبْتَلَى بِحَمْدِ مَنْ أَعْطَانِي، وَأُفْتَتَنَ بِذَمِّ مَنْ مَنَعَنِي، وَأَنْتَ مِنْ وَرَاءِ ذلِكَ كُلِّهِ وَلِيُّ الاْعْطَاءِ والْمَنْعِ، (إنَّكَ عَلى كُلِّ شَيء قَدِيرٌ)

Alternative Sources for Sermon 224

(1) Al-Rawandi, al-Da`awat, see Bihar, vol. 75, 297;

(2) al-Yamani, al-Taraz, I, 119.

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