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List of the Books referred to

1. Translation of the Holy Qur’an, by M.V. Mir Ahmad Ali

2. Ghina Ki Hurmat, by Seyyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

3. Falsafa-e-tahrime-E-Musiqui; published by ‘Dar Rah-e-Haqq’, Qum

4. Intisharate-e-Yazdahgana; published by Anjuman-e-Tablighat-e-lslami, Tehran

5. How your Nervous System Works; by J.D. Ratcliff; Reader’s Digest — Book of Human Body

6. Foundation of Biology, by William D.Mc Elory & Carl P. Swanson and others; Prentice-Hall Inc., U.S.A.

7. The Bridal Bed, by Joseph Braddock; Corgi Books, U.S.A.

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