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Hajj of Nazr (an offering; to make a spiritual vow)

Article 17

Whenever a sane and adult person performs Nazr (make a spiritual vow) purposely and by free will for performing Hajj, then Hajj is obligatory for that person. But the Nazr of a wife, if it has a contradiction with her rights, is not permitted without the permission of her husband, and if it has no such contradiction then it is in order.

Article 18

Whenever a person does Nazr for performing Hajj and does not specify a time for that, then this person can delay. However if he/she had specified the time, then it is obligatory for him/her to perform Hajj in that specific time and if the person does not perform that purposely he/she should pay its compensation and perform it in another time as a precaution.

Article 19

Whenever a person does Nazr for performing Hajj on the condition of achieving a goal and this person dies before achieving that goal, then Ghazaa (performing an act in a time other than its proper time for compensation) of Nazr is not necessary. But if he/she dies after achieving that goal then his/her heirs should perform Ghazaa of that Nazr in behalf of that dead person, or take a proxy for him, and as a precaution it is better to subtract the amount of money for this act from the main inheritance, with the satisfaction of all heir if they are all adults.

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