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Lesson 1: Kalima, Meaning of Kalima

1. Kalima

La ilaaha illal-Laah; Muhammadur Rasulul-Laah; Aliyun waliyul-Laah wasi-yu-Rasulil-Laah; wa Khalifatuhu bila fasl.

2. Meaning of Kalima

La iIaaha illal-Laah: There is no god but Allah.
Muhammadur Rasulul-Laah: Our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W.) is the Messenger of Allah.

Aliyun waliyul-Lah: Imam Ali (A.S.) is the Wali (beloved) of Allah.
Wasi-yu-Rasulil-Laah: Imam Ali (A.S.) is the successor of the Prophet. Wa Khalifatuhu bila fasl: And he is the First Khalifa of the Prophet.

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