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Our Prophet Muhammad (May Allah's blessing and peace be on him and his descendants) son of Abdullah, son of Abdul-Muttalib, son of Hashim, son of Abd Munaf, is a true and rightful Prophet. He claimed Prophethood and wrought miracles, which proved that he was a true Messenger of Allah. His greatest miracle is the Holy Qur'an - the glorious distinguisher between truth and falsehood.

It will continue to exist till the Day of Resurrection. It is a proof of its authenticity for the whole mankind. It is inimitable on account of its extraordinary eloquence and the beauty of its diction and style. When challenged, no rhetorician or man of letters could produce even a small surah (chapter) or a complete verse like it.

Our Prophet (May Allah's blessing and peace be on him and his descendants) was a Prophet to himself before he was formally raised. Afterwards he was a Prophet for the whole mankind. He himself has said: “I was a Prophet when Adam was still between water and clay”. And if it were not so then preference to the inferior over superior becomes necessary which is absurd.

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