The Duties of People and Statesmen

Question No. 32

What are the mutual duties of people and Islamic State?

Generally speaking, the first and the most essential duty of the Statesmen is their commitment to their responsibilities toward people, not refraining from any effort for serving the society as far as their legal responsibilities are concerned. Some of these responsibilities may be enumerated as follows:

1. Attempting to preserve the autonomy and glory of the society, and removing foreigners’ dominance in all spheres;

2. Preparing the ground for scientific, religious, cultural and moral growth and development of the society;

3. Creating inland and overseas security, and dominance of justice;

4. Spreading welfare and prosper, and attempting to fulfill the material needs of the society;

5. Humbleness before people and preparing the ground for ever-increasing participation of people;

Among the most important people’s responsibilities toward Statesmen are:

a. Providing serious and decisive support for the government and its agents so that they can perform their legal duties, especially in times of crisis and risky situations;

b. Providing suggestions and corrective and benevolent instructions along with accurate studies and investigations according to demands of time.