Jurisprudential and Scientific Management

Question No. 17

What is the role of management in Islamic State? What is the role of jurisprudential and scientific managements in Islamic State? Which one plays a greater role?

Needles to say, no government and system can be originated without management. Management plays an essential and very crucial role in any government. Most importantly, all managers and planners in various spheres – while using the best and the most efficient methods – must always protect religious values and apply religious norms along with scientific innovations.

To clarify this point, it should be noted that every society has its own ideals, goals and values. These ideals and values are not defined in the sphere of science; they are beyond the scope of science. On the other hand, science can teach men the methods of achieving goals and ideals. So, none of the following questions may be answered by science: “what ideals should be picked out?” “Should we consider human felicity in this world and in the hereafter as our ideal, or just in this world?” “Should we set as our goal the man’s perfection and uplift, or his pleasures and material enjoyment?” “Should we seek to establish justice in the society or just individual freedom?” None of these questions are scientific ones; however, the solution in each case can be learnt through human knowledge.

On the other hand, if we choose “the good of the two worlds” and set human’s “perfection and elevation” as our goal, it is quite natural that we need meta-scientific sources – such as revelational knowledge – to achieve them and more values to regulate relations in this and the other world. Nevertheless, science also shows us some methods in this regard; but choosing the methods offered by science should be consistent with the values and principles accepted in religion. Both religious and secular governments, thus, receive their ideals from outside the realm of science, and both can benefit from human knowledge in selecting the methods; however, the selection of methods would be consistent with the ideals and goals of the “value system”.

Altogether, we can conclude that there is no contradiction between scientific and religious management; rather, the contradiction is found between the secular and religious systems of management. The reason for this contradiction is that secular management accepts no superhuman source, but religious management relies on revelation and divine instructions.1

  • 1. For further information, see Hamid Reza Shakerin, Secularism (Discussion on jurisprudential and scientific managements).