The Necessity and the Goal of Islamic State

Question No. 2

Why is Islamic State necessary after the departure of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH)?

Explaining this issue, Imam Khomeini said:1

1. Islamic decrees – including those pertaining to financial, political, legal, and so on – have not been abrogated and are indefeasible up to the Judgment Day and implementation of these decrees are impossible without establishment of a State government.

2. Establishing security and preserving social order are among accentuated Islamic obligations, just as disorder and insecurity in Islamic society is hated by the Holy Legislator, i.e. the Almighty God. It is obviously impossible to achieve this goal without establishing a government.

3. Protecting Muslims' frontiers against assault and invasion by transgressors is rationally and legally necessary, and this is one of the essential necessities of the Islamic society. Achieving this goal and actualizing it is impossible without having the necessary power and government.

4. Considering the above-mentioned premises, the existence of an Islamic State is a rational necessity and a religious obligation.

It is noteworthy that the mentioned “state” here refers to the Islamic State since based on what has been mentioned in number 1 above, (i.e.) the accurate implementation of Islamic decrees and rules in different aspects of social life is only realized in a state whose administrators and leaders are familiar with and aware of Islamic rules and decrees and they oblige themselves to practice them; Islamic laws are the basis for legislators and they do not enact any law contradicting them, not enacting any law contradicting those laws. The above-mentioned reasoning may be put in another way too:

1. Comprehensiveness of Islamic Laws: Islam is a comprehensive religion and its decrees encompass various domains of political and social terms.

2. Viability and perpetuity of Islamic Laws: the divine laws and decrees of Islam are not restricted to the period of the Infallible Imams’ presence, but they are eternal and everlasting.

3. Implementation of the laws and the Islamic State: the enforcement of political and social rules of Islam is not possible without administrative offices and political-religious institutions. The Islamic State is, therefore, the prelude and the necessary pre-requisite of enforcing the divine laws.

  • 1. See Imam Khomeini, Ketab al-Bay' , II, p. 461; Ali Rabbani-Golpayegani, Din va Dolat, p. 145.