The Role of Achievement & Science

Question No. 18

What is the role of human achievements, scientific and social laws in Islamic State?

Human’s scientific achievements are of different types:

First. Recognizing the subject: the subjects of religious laws and decrees are of various types: some are simple and clear and others are complicated and need accurate expertise. Human sciences are highly efficient in recognizing the subjects of such decrees. On the other hand, “recognizing the subjects” is an essential stage in recognizing the instances of secondary and governmental decrees, and human sciences are highly needed in this respect.

Second. Converting the subject: human sciences sometimes convert the subject of a religious decree, and thereby change the decreee itself. Human’s access to the science of “blood transfusion” causes the blood to come out of the classification of ritually impure things which lack any permissible benefits, falling into the category of the items with permissible benefits. With this change, a new item for economic exchanges is generated and its exchange is made legal.

Third. Creating the subject: the development of human knowledge always creates new subjects for Islamic jurisprudence. Human ability in artificial conception, for instance, creates a new subject in the system of family law, calling for inferring and enacting related laws.

Fourth. Recognizing the method: many of the social laws and decrees of religion are executable in different ways. Human knowledge is much beneficial for discovering better methods which are consistent with needs and demands of the time. The role of the human knowledge in legislation is, thus, one of the appropriate methods in this regard.