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  • The Core of Islam

    The aim of this work is to guide Muslims, especially youths, giving clear answers to many commonly asked questions, in order to replace bewilderment with the clarity that comes from profound study of the primary sources of Islamic thought - the Holy Qur’an and ahadith of the Prophet Muhammad (S) and error-free Imams of his progeny. Thus, it examines contemporary issues, fundamentalism, extremism, radicalism, etc., through researched insights into Muslim personality, moral behavior and Islamic teachings of justice and fairness.

  • Living in Harmony - Islamic Perspective

    Living in Harmony - Islamic Perspective Sheikh Mansour Leghaei ********* The present article is a brief study of the living in harmony from the Islamic point of view. Argument Mankind without religion is a pretty sorry lot. It has never been able to survive without faith. Yet, surprisingly agreement is never reached on such a vital subject. Thus, they have their own zealots who attack the religions of others, the result of which is intolerance and contention. Inter-group relations, especially when religion is also involved, are full of conflict and suffering. Martyrology feeds the myths, and prejudice adds bitterness to the legend. Political expediency and biased scholarship invest the legend with the status of history. To this end, men have been suffering throughout history from lack of toleration of others’ beliefs. With the cry “Deus Vult!”(God wills it) rivers of blood have flowed as a result of religious intolerance. Crusades, Roman Inquisitions and Holy

  • Islam the First and Last Religion

    Islam the First and Last Religion Sheikh Mansour Leghaei ********* The present text strives to showcase the fact that the only true religion of Allah swt is that of Islam (submission) and that Islam is the only religion Allah swt has ever sent. Though it has been referred as Judaism or Christianity the author argues saying that Islam was the first and last religion. ********* In the Name of God; the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful As Muslims we believe in One Unique God; Allah. The Almighty Allah due to His Wisdom and Mercy has chosen some of the noblest men to be the recipients of His revelation called prophets and Messengers of God. The Almighty God dispatched His messengers to guide people to the Right Path. The duty of the messengers was to proclaim the divine message to people for whose guidance they were sent. Purpose The divine message of the messengers of God is called ‘Religion`. The term ‘religion` (Deen in Arabic) literally means obedience and

  • Human Unity for a Sustainable Peace

    Human Unity for a Sustainable Peace Sh. Mansour Leghaei This lecture was delivered in the Conference of “Meditations on the Modern Condition” 19-20 June 2004 at Sydney University; Cumberland Campus. Human Unity, Between Myth and Reality All intelligent people today have some understanding of the need for the spirit of unity in human affairs. It alone enables us to meet the great global challenges such as the pollution of the natural environment and the unjust inequality between people of different races, creed and countries. Discussion on human unity, which seemed a mere myth at the time of the ancient Greek philosophers, appears to be more of an achievable reality in the recent years. Formation of the UN, conversion of the Olympic Games from a national Greek game to an international sports competition and the European Union are just some examples of our way towards a global unity. Science is helping man with material comforts through her golden inventions. Science

  • Imam Sadiq: Role Model for Humanity, Part 1

    This article includes a brief biography of the life of Imam Sadiq, his revered conduct, and his deep knowledge in jurisprudence; it also delves into the state of the Shi'as during his time as well as his political confrontations with the Ghulat, or extremists, who held ideas that resulted from overstating particular Islamic beliefs.

  • Common Grounds for Unity between Islamic Schools of Thought

    In this article, the most important common principles and issues of Islamic schools of thought are examined in order to promote the achievement of Islamic unity, integration, and harmony.

  • Allamah al-Hilli on Imamate in his Kashf al-Murad, Part 1

    This is a chapter on the responses to objections raised against Imamate from prominent scholar Allamah Hilli's Kashf al-Murad, expanded on from Nasir al-Din al-Tusi's Tajrid al-I'tiqad - The first treatise on Shi'i theology. Kashf al-Murad is one of the most widely read of Allamah al-Hilli's publications as it is the first commentary written on Allamah al-Tusi's work.

  • Moral Governance Part 4: Culture & Education

    This text focuses on the Prophet's own ethical conduct as the perfect exemplar, and his efforts to eradicate differences based on tribe, gender, race, and social class to create a system grounded on principles in which all believers have equal rights.

  • Inner and Outer Beauty in Islam: An Introduction

    This article expounds on the importance of inner and outer beauty in Islam by using verses from the Qur'an and narrations from the Ahlul Bayt.

  • Indicators of Piety, Part 4

    This part further defines the faithful as those who will achieve true success and offers an illustration of who the faithful are, and what they will achieve in this world and the next. This paper is based on the fourth and fifth parts of a series of seven lessons by the author in London, at the Islamic Centre of England in July 2011. This course was an attempt to explore the essence of faith, religiosity, and moral values on which they are based.


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