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  • The Globe Before and After the Advent of Imam Mahdi, Part 2

    This part of the series expands on the quality of the people during this time, including their intellectual condition and scientific and technological advancements. This series of papers is based on parts three and four of a series of lectures delivered by the author in Muharram 1428/January 2007 in London.

  • Community Building, Part 2

    Part 2 of this series further builds upon qualities such as moderation, humbleness, enjoining good and forbidding wrong, unity, truth, justice, environmental awareness, and having firm faith in God.

  • Maintaining a Just Economy through Belief in the Hereafter

    This article expounds on the effect of Qur’anic belief in the hereafter on stabilizing a community in its economic development and social justice, as well as its spiritual condition.

  • Allamah al-Hilli on Imamate in his Kashf al-Murad, Part 3

    This part of the text expands on the proofs for his authority over the companions that qualify him for leadership such as his extraordinary courage, deep insight, matchless asceticism and devotion, and boundless patience.

  • Legal Rulings Derived from Qur’anic Stories, Part 2

    This second part includes the implications or inspirations drawn from the Ahlul Bayt’s method of interpretation of Qur’anic stories.

  • Patience and Gratitude

    This article discusses the meaning of patience (Sabr) and gratitude (Shukr) and shows how they are integral elements of faith analyzing various verses of the Holy Qur'an and many Traditions (ahadith).

  • Spiritual Accounting Based on Muhasaba al-Nafs by Sayyid ibn Tawus

    This article introduces the work of Sayyid ibn Tawus called Muhasaba al-Nafs, offering a biography of the author, an overview of the book, and a summary of each chapter, which includes topics such as the recording of our deeds and its exposure to God, the Prophet, and the Infallibles; the importance of self-accounting, practical steps to self-purification, and the special days, times, and places for prayer and to fulfill one’s duties.

  • Prophet Muhammad (S), a Divine Mercy for the Worlds

    Prophet Muhammad (S), a Divine Mercy for the Worlds Sh. Mansour Leghaei Preface Each and every one of the Prophets (May peace and mercy of God be upon them all) is a manifestation of Divine Names and Attributes. As there is no repetition in Divine Manifestation, there is no repetition in the story of the Prophets. The story of every Prophet is unique in its style. What happened with Prophet Noah (as), Prophet Ibrahim (as), Prophet Moses (as), and Prophet Jesus (as) did not repeat for any other Prophet, nor did what happen with other Prophets happen for these Prophets. For, every Messenger of God demonstrates a particular divinity, unlike the man made stories in which their themes are nearly the same. We all know that Iranian and Indian movies must end with a marriage ceremony. The theme of Hollywood movies is nothing other than sex or violence. All Prophets are the Signs of Allah and the shadow of ‘The Light of the heavens and the earth’. Nonetheless, the holy

  • Lectures of Martyred Ayatollah Beheshti

    Ayatollah Beheshti, one of the helping hands of Imam Khomeini in the Iranian Islamic Revolution, has delivered along his life many lectures. The present work is a compilation of Martyr Ayatollah Dr. M. H. Beheshti's lectures, delivered on various occasions and covering different subjects including Islamic unity, Islamic politics, Islamic life, Islamic specialization and so on. Many lessons are to be learned by reading such a great book.

  • Anticipation: Anticipating the Savior of Humanity

    The present booklet is about the on Anticipation of the reappearance of the Imam of the Age, Imam Al-Mahdi (aj) and it is the translation of a chapter of a two-volume book called “Secrets of Success” by Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimin Sayyid Murtadha Mujtahidi Sistani


Be humble to whomever you learn from and whomever you teach.

- Imam Jafar Sadiq (a) -

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