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  • Reflections on Munajat Sha’banyah [Sheikh Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali]

    Reflections on Munajat Sha’banyah by Sheikh Dr Shomali  To read the paper about this lecture: https://www.al-islam.org/message-thaqalayn/vol-17-no-1-spring-2016/reflections-munajat-shabaniyyah-mohammad-ali-shomali

  • A Critique of the Works of Three Orientalists on Imam al-Kazim (a)

    The purpose of this paper is to investigate three works, namely: “Imam al-Kazim” by Etan Kohlberg from the Encyclopedia of Islam, the section on Imam al-Kazim in Shi‘a Denomination by Dwight Donaldson, and Shi‘ism by Heinz Halm. These three works are fairly comprehensive ones revolving around the Imam’s lifetime—from his birth to his martyrdom.

  • Introducing Imam Husayn to Humanity: Spiritual Advice for Organizations

    In this lecture, Huj. Sh. Mohammad Ali Shomali praises the representatives of the WhoIsHussain global campaign for their efforts, and acknowledges this project as an exceptional one, due to the importance of reaching out and making Imam Husayn known and beneficial to humanity. He also gave gentle and thought-provoking ideas and reminders to the group regarding the importance of being far-sighted in our approaches, being genuine in our love for people, being sincere and disinterested in power and position, uniting the Ummah rather using our institutions to divide it, increasing in our humbleness when we witness success, and focusing on moving towards the truth and serving it rather than egotistically bringing it to our side. In this way, we uphold Imam Husayn’s principles, which is ever more needed as we approach the time of Imam Mahdi (aj).

  • Imam al-Jawad’s Spiritual Advice to One of His Companions

    This paper is a brief explanation of one narration by the ninth imam, Imam al-Jawad (a), wherein a man asks him for advice, and the Imam advises him to five things: to rely on patience, welcome poverty, abandon desires and whims, and to have God-wariness.

  • Gems From Heaven: Rings & Stones [AhlulBayt TV]

    This documentary allows us to reach Allah and ponder upon one of his greatest creations - Stones. We travel to the holy city of Najaf to understand the wisdom behind this precious creation and to why the Ahlulbayt place much emphasis on certain stones on rings.

  • Your Health: Consult Experts, Your Deen: Consult Google? [Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi]

    - In our lives, whenever we don’t know something, then it is very normal to refer those who know. Referring to an expert is a given; there no need to prove its validity. (16:43)   - However, we should know whom to refer to. When we feel sick, there are different level of people who have some knowledge of medicine: a nurse; a pharmacist or a doctor or a specialist - Even when it to comes to the doctor, we would like to be sure that he is certified to do what he is claiming to do. - When it comes to medical science, it is not enough that the person has completed his medical school and has a MD degree – he must go through internship program under guidance of a qualified doctor - There are two fields of knowledge which are highly respected in Islam: ‘ilm abdan and ‘ilm adyan. One deals with the body of human beings while the other deals with their souls - If a young person who has just finished the elementary levels or the secondary level of hawza comes into the

  • Gratitude to Allah (SwT) – Shukran lil-Lah [Sheikh Khalil Jaffer]

  • Human Nature According to the Qur’an [Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali]

    Human Nature According to the Qur’an - Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali Mennonite-Shia Dialogue, Round V Venue: CMU, Great Hall, Winnipeg, Canada Dates: June 1-4, 2011

  • Foundations of Islam: 3 Lectures [Sheikh Saleem Bhimji]

    3 Series Lectures about the foundation of Islam.  Martyrdom of Imam Al-Baqir (A): "Foundations of Islam: Part 1"  Martyrdom of Muslim ibn Aqeel (A): "Foundations of Islam: Part 2" Birth of Imam Al-Hadi (A): "Foundations of Islam: Part 3"  Sheikh Saleem Bhimji  ISIA Edmonton, AB www.jammat.org

  • ISIS- "Islamic" Extremism? - Full Documentary [AhlulBayt TV]

    A documentary by AhlulBayt TV.  Is Islam a religion of war or peace? Mojtaba Ali investigates extremism and ISIS. What threats do they pose to the world?


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