Abdul Muttalib

Abdul Muttalib, who dug Zam Zam well, had ten sons. Abdullah, the Prophet's father, was one of them. Abu Talib, Prophet's uncle, was one of them, too.

Our Master Muhammad [s], was an orphan. His father, Abdullah, died a short while before he was born. When his mother died, he was six years of age.

So, his grandfather Abdul Muttalib took care of him. He liked him very much. He thought that Muhammad [s] would be a Prophet.

Abdul Muttalib was righteous. He followed Ibrahim's and Ismael's religion. He advised his sons to follow good manners.

On his death bed, Abdul Muttalib said to his sons:

“A grandson of mine will be a Prophet. So, he who will be present at his time must believe in him.”

Then he turned to his son, Abu Talib, and whispered in his ear:

“Abu Talib, Muhammad will be of great importance. So support him with your hand and tongue.