The Ban

When the polytheists knew that Abu Talib would not leave our Master Muhammad [s] alone and that he was ready to die for him, they decided to announce an economic and social ban on Bani Hashim. At the same time, they cut off all relations with them.

In the month of Muharram, the seventh year after the Prophetic Mission, forty Quraishi leaders signed the ban and fixed it to the wall in the Ka'aba.

The Quraish expected Abu Talib to surrender. But Shaikh al-Bat-ha had another plan.

Abu Talib took his tribe to a valley between two mountains to protect our Master Muhammad [s] from assassination. He was always visiting the valley to close the openings where the enemies might pass through to kill our Master Muhammad [s] at night.

Abu Talib, though old man, his brother Hamza, and some men of Bani Hashim were always guarding the Prophet [s] one by one at night. Abu Talib was always moving the Prophet's bed from one place to another to keep it a secret.

Days and months passed. The besieged were in perfect isolation. They suffered from the pains of hunger and deprivation. When the time of pilgrimage came, they got out to buy some food and clothes.

The richest Quraishi tyrants in Makkah were always buying all kinds of food to prevent the besieged from buying it.

During that bitter period of time, Abu Talib was as solid as the mountain. He was always standing by our Master Muhammad [s]. He was a fearless, resolute believer.

Abu Talib loved our Master Muhammad [s] more than his sons. He was sometimes looking at him, weeping and saying:

When I look at him, I remember my brother Abdullah.

One night, Abu Talib came and woke our Master Muhammad [s]. He said to his son Ali aged eighteen:

My son, sleep in his bed.

To know his father's loyalty to Muhammad, Ali said:

But, I'll be killed.

His father said:

Be patient!

Eagerly Ali said:

I'm not afraid of death. But I want you to know my support.

Abu Talib patted Ali's back. He took our Master Muhammad [s] to a safe place to sleep in.

When our Master Muhammad [s] went to bed, Abu Talib went to bed, too.

Months after months passed. The patience and hunger of the besieged increased. They ate the leaves of the trees. The Prophet [s] took pity on the hungry children.