The Demise

Abu Talib was over eighty years of age. He became very invalid. So, he was confined to the bed. He thought about nothing but our Master Muhammad [s]. He knew that if he died, the Quraish would fear no one and they would kill his nephew.

The Quraishi leaders came to visit Shaikh al-Bat-ha. They said:

Abu Talib, you're our Shaikh and Master.

You're about to die. So, put an end to the enmity between your nephew and us. Tell him to stop hurting us. We'll stop hurting him. Tell him to leave us with our religion. We'll leave him with his religion.

Abu Talib looked at Abu Jahal, Abu Sufyan, and other Quraishi leaders. He said to them faintly:

If you hear Muhammad's words and obey his orders, you'll be happy. So, obey him and get happiness here and in the hereafter.

The atheists stood up. Abu Jahal said with spite:

Do you want us to make the gods one god?

Abu Talib was sad at the Quraishi stand. He was very anxious about our Master Muhammad's safety. So, he invited Bani Hashim and asked them to support our Master Muhammad [s] at any cost They all obeyed him. Then Abu Talib closed his eyes to die soundly.

Shaikh al-Bat-ha kept silent. He became a motionless body.

His son Ali wept bitter tears. Sad cries spread all over Makkah. The atheists rejoiced at his death.

Abu Jahal angrily said:

It's time to get my revenge on Muhammad.

Our Master Muhammad [s] came to say farewell. He kissed Abu Talib's bright forehead and murmured sadly:

Uncle, may Allah have mercy on you.

You educated me when I was small, looked after me when I became an orphan, and supported me when I became a grown-up.

So, may Allah reward you a lot.

Then he burst into tears. He began recalling the days of his childhood with his kind uncle. He embraced his cousin Ali. They began weeping together.