The Good News

One day, our Master Muhammad [s] came to his uncle. He was filled with happiness. He said to him:

Uncle, my Lord ordered the white ant to eat the Ban Page. So, it's eaten it all but Allah's Name.

Abu Talib said happily:

Has your Lord told you about that?

Muhammad [s] answered:

Yes, Uncle.

Abu Talib's heart was filled with belief. So, Abu Talib stood up and went to Darul-Nadwa, at the Kaaba, where the Quraishi leaders sat.

Abu-Talib addressed the sitting persons:


They got up for the respectful, old man. They listened to his words. They expected his surrender and defeat because of the ban.

But Shaikh al-Bat-ha said:

Quraish, my nephew Muhammad has told me that Allah ordered the white ant to eat your Ban Page. So it has eaten it all but His Name. if he is right, the end the ban.

Abu-Jahal said:

And, if he was a liar?

Abu Talib answered with confidence and belief:

I'll hand you my nephew.

The Quraishi leaders said:


They opened the door of the Ka'aba. They found that the white ant had eaten every thing but Allah's Name.

The besieged got out of Abu Talib valley. Our Master Muhammad [s] and his companions began preaching Islam to the pilgrims of Allah's Holy House.