The Light of Islam

Our Master Muhammad [s] went on preaching the new religion to bring out people from darkness into light.

Again the Quraishi tyrants came to Abu Talib. They used another style:

Abu Talib, this is Amarah bin al-Waleed (Khalid bin al-Waleed's brother). He's the strongest and the most handsome young man of all the Quraish. So, take him and give us Muhammad to kill.

Abu Talib was sorry to hear that idea. He answered them angrily:

Do you give me your son to feed him for you, while I give you my son to kill him? Have you ever seen a she-camel take pity on other than its young?

The polytheists harm became intense. They began torturing them. Abu Talib thought that their harm would include our Master Muhammad [s]. So, he sent for Bani Hashim. He asked them to protect and save the Prophet [s]. They accepted but Abu Lahab.

Abu Talib heard that Abu Jahal and other polytheists tried to kill our Master Muhammad [s].

So, he and his son Ja'far went to the hills of Makkah to look for him. They looked for him here and there.

Finally, they found him praying to Allah. In the meantime, Ali was praying on his right-hand side. They were sad to see that there was no one with our Master Muhammad [s] but Ali. Thus Abu Talib wanted to encourage his nephew. He turned to his son Ja'far and said:

Complete your cousin's wing.

Namely, pray on his left hand to feel determination, strength, and confidence. Ja'far stood with our Master Muhammad [s] and his brother Ali to pray to Allah, the Creator of the skies and the earth, the Lord of the Worlds.

Again, Abu Talib missed our Master Muhammad [s]. He waited for his return. But he did not come back. So, he went to look for him. He went to the place where our Master Muhammad [s] went frequently. But he did not find him.

So, Abu Talib came back, gathered Bani Hashim together and said to them:

Each one of you must take a strong iron bar. Now follow me. When I enter the mosque, each one of you must sit beside a Quraishi leader. He must kill him if we knew that Muhammad had been killed.

The young men of Bani Hashim obeyed Abu Talib. Each one of them sat beside a polytheist.

Abu Talib sat waiting for our Master Muhammad [s]. Meanwhile Zaid bin Harith came and told him that the Prophet [s] was safe.

Then, Abu Talib announced his plan to punish those who tried to hurt the Prophet [s].

The polytheists were abase. Abu Jahal kept silent. His face became yellow with fear.

Some of the polytheists urged their boys and slaves to hurt our Master Muhammad [s].

One day, the Prophet [s] was praying. A young man came and threw the wastes at him. The polytheists began laughing loudly. Our Master Muhammad [s] was very unhappy. So, he went to his uncle and told him about the young man's bad behaviour

Abu Talib became very angry. He took out his sword and came to the polytheists. He ordered his boy to throw the wastes at their faces.

They said:

Abu Talib, that's enough!