In the Prophet's House

After a while, Jibreel came down holding Allah's Order:

And warn your nearest relations, and be kind to him who follows you of the believers.

Allah's Messenger ordered Ali aged ten to invite his tribe, namely Bani Hashim. Abu Talib, Abu Lahab and others came to the Prophet's house.

When they all had the food, our Master Muhammad [s] said:

No Arab young man had brought his people like what I've brought you. I've brought you the good of here and of the hereafter.

Then, he asked them to believe in Islam. Abu Lahab stood up and said with spite:

Muhammad's put a spell on you.

Abu Talib said angrily:

Shut up! It's none of your business!

Abu Talib turned to our Master Muhammad [s] and said:

Get up and say whatever you like. Spread Your Lord's Mission, for you're the Truthful, the Trusted one.

So, our Master Muhammad [s] got up and said:

My Lord has ordered me to ask you to believe in Him. So, who will support me in this matter? Who wants to be my brother; my regent, and my successor after me?

They kept silent.

So, Ali said eagerly:

Allah's Apostle, I.

The Prophet rejoiced and embraced his young cousin while he was weeping.

Bani Hashim stood up. Abu Lahab was laughing and saying sarcastically to Abu Talib:

Muhammad's ordered you to hear and obey your son.

But Abu Talib did not pay attention to him. Rather, he looked angrily at him.

Abu Talib kindly said to his nephew:

Go on what Allah's ordered you. By Allah, I'll support and protect you.

Our Master Muhammad [s] looked at his uncle respectfully. He felt strong as long as the Master of Makkah was with him.