The Supporter

Although Abu Talib was an old man, he strongly stood by Muhammad's Mission. He was always protecting him from the Quraishi polytheists.

A big number of the Makkans believed in Allah's religion paying no attention to the worship of the idols and to the threats of the Quraishi tyrants.

One day, the Quraishi leaders came to Abu Talib though he was confined to bed. They said angrily:

Abu Talib! Keep your nephew from us because he's weakened our thoughts and insulted our gods.

Abu Talib became sad because his people did not want to listen to the sound of truth. So, he said to them:

Give me time to speak to him.

Abu Talib told our Master Muhammad [s] the words of the Quraishi leaders.

The Prophet [s] said respectfully:

Uncle! I can't disobey my Lord's Order.

Abu Jahal, the most spiteful man, said:

We'll give him whatever he wants of our money. Rather, we'll make him king over us if he wants.

The Prophet [s] said:

I want nothing but one word.

Abu Jahal said:

What's the word? We'll give you as ten times as it!

Our Master Muhammad [s] said:

Say there's no god but Allah.

So, Abu Jahal was filled with anger:

Ask another word instead!

Allah's Apostle [s] said:

If you brought me the sun and put it in my hand, I'd not ask a word instead.

There was tension. The polytheists stood up. They were threatening our Master Muhammad [s].

Abu Talib said to our Master Muhammad:

Save your soul and don't overburden me.

The Prophets' eyes shed tears when he answered:

Uncle, by Allah, if they put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand to leave this matter, I'd not leave it till Allah supports it or I perish for it.

The Prophet [s] stood up rubbing his tears. So, Abu Talib called him kindly and said:

Nephew draw near.

Our Master Muhammad [s] drew near. His uncle kissed him and said:

Nephew, go and say whatever you like. By Allah, I'll never leave you alone.

Then, he began chanting to confront the Quraishi might:

By Allah, they all won't reach you.

Till a pillow of dust will be put under my head.

And till I'll be buried.