The Year of Sadness

Only a few weeks passed. Khadijah, Muhammad's wife died, too. So, our Master Muhammad [s] named that year the Year of Sadness.

The Quraish increased their harm against Muhammad and those who believed in him.

One day, a foolish person threw some dust at him. His head was covered with dust. So, he went home.

While Fatima, Muhammad's daughter, was washing his head, she began weeping. So, he patted her head and said:

Daughter, don't weep. Allah will save your father. He'll protect your father from the enemies of His religion and Mission.

Jibreel came down from the sky holding Allah's Order. He said:

Muhammad, go out of Makkah. Your supporter has died.

When the Quraish plotted to kill our Master Muhammad [s], Ali, Abu Talib's young son, came to sleep in his bed. He was ready to die for him.

Our Master Muhammad [s] went towards Yathrib (al-Madina al-Munawarah). From there the light of Islam started to illuminate the world.

When the Muslims go to visit Allah's Holy House every year, they remember the life of Shaikh al-Bat-ha when he was always defending Allah's religion.

Muhammad is Allah's Apostle, and those with him are firm of heart against the unbelievers, compassionate, among each other.