This Book

I have spent of my life, in order to write this book, a year or about a year since the first letter I put on the paper until the last point of it.1 During this period of time there was much search and research. Also there was some of time not so little elapsed without researching or writing a thing. Besides this and that–the time assigned to this book was not more than an hour a day.

What I mentioned here was not so important and I didn’t intend to but I wanted to refer to that I visited Lebanon in the summer of 1956 and I presented this book to my friend Professor Boless Salama to write a foreword to it… a mere foreword that was to be away from any personal relations and not to pay any attention to other than the book itself. Upon this we agreed and he wrote this foreword, in which he criticized the book and referred to its defect concerning the linguistic usage.

The impartial criticism didn't fruit but well.

Hence I found enough time to examine the book again. I discovered some mistakes and I reworded some points. I quoted something else from the resources I referred to. I added something to some subjects that I thought it was required to show the truth fully especially in the chapter of (At the threshold).

Before this and that I don’t pretend that I am infallible and perfect. This is my utmost trying and I hope it will achieve the aim. If there are some defects, they are definitely unintended.
The content of Allah is our intent.

27/5/1377 A.H. 20/12/1957 A.D.

The author

  • 1. The first letter was written in the draft of the book in 9/8/1373 A.H., 14/4/1954 A.D. and the last letter of the draft was in 2/8/1374 A.H., 27/3/1955 A.D.