Conclusion And Invocation (Du‘a’)

It was appropriate to finish this thesis by stating the salāt's moral obstacles, such as imposture, conceitedness and the like, but as I have given some explanations in the book The Forty Hadīths12 about some hadīths connected to this subject, and also, now, being too much busy, and owing to distraction of mind, I apologize for not being able to offer this service. So, I end these papers by admitting my inability and shortcomings, and ask forgiveness from the people of pure insight for my mistakes, and request their good du'ā' and generous attention.

O Allah, You Who have clothed us, Your weak servants, with the dress of existence through Your grace and favor and pure mercy and generosity, prior to any service and worship on our part, and without needing our worshipping and servitude. You have bestowed upon us diverse kinds of spiritual and corporeal favors, and different sorts of internal and external mercies, although our non-existence causes no flaw in your power and strength, nor our existence adds anything to your greatness and prestige.

Now that the headspring of Your beneficence gushed forth, and the sun of Your Beautiful Beauty effulged, drowning us in the seas of mercy and illuminating us with the lights of Your Beauty, make up for our shortcomings, sins and failures with the light of internal success and Your secret help and guidance, and relieve our fully attached hearts from mundane attachments, and make them cling to Your Holy Might.

O Allah, our unworthy worshipping expands nothing of your domain. Our disobedience decreases nothing of your kingdom, and torturing and punishing the sinners benefit you not a bit, and forgiving the fallen and having mercy upon them lessen nothing of your power. The immutable essences of the sinners implore for mercy, and the dispositions of the imperfect ask for perfection. You yourself treat us with your comprehensive kindness and disregard our inefficiency.

“O Allah, if I am unworthy to receive your mercy, you are worthy of granting me of your vast favor. O Allah, You have covered for me in this world sins which I need more to be covered in the Hereafter. O Allah, grant me to be completely devoted to You, and light our hearts' eyes with the light of witnessing You until the hearts' eyes penetrate the veils of light, to reach the source of greatness.”3

Our talk has come to an end here, according to the taqdīr of Allah, Almighty and Most High, with praises and thanks for His graces, asking Him to send His blessings upon Muhammad and his pure progeny, on the date of Monday, 2nd of (the month of) Rabī'uth-Thānī, thirteen-hundred and sixty-one of Lunar year (1361 L.H.).4

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  • 4. Corresponds to 30th of Farvardīn, 1321 Solar Hijri Year.