In The Name Of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

I dedicate Ādāb as-Salat the book from which I had no benefit except regret because of my failure and negligence of the days on which I could have made myself, and except contrition and remorse during old age, being empty-handed, with a heavy burden, and a long way to go, with a lame leg, while the call of departure is ever resounding in my ears to my dear son, Ahmad. He is in the prime of life, and thus, he may, inshā' Allāhu Ta'āla (if Allah, the Exalted, wills), avail himself of its contents, which are taken from the Glorious Book, the Noble Sunnah (The Prophet's traditions) and the statements of the distinguished.

Haply he will succeed in finding his way to the real ascension through the guidance of “the people of knowledge” [ahl-i ma'rifat], and tear off his heart from this dark dungeon, and head for the original destination of humanity, along the road on which the great prophets, the noble “holy men” [awliyā'] may Allah's blessing and peace be upon them all and the “people of Allah” [ahlullāh] trod, and to which they invited the others.

O my son! Hasten to comprehend yourself, which is fermented in “the divine disposition” [fitratullāh]. Save yourself from the ruining whirlpool of the formidable waves of self-conceit and selfishness. Get on board Noah's Ark, which is the light of “Allah's guardianship” [wilāyatullāh], because: “Whoever got on board it was safe, and whoever stayed behind it perished.”

O my son! Try hard to be moving along the Straight Path which is the path of Allah even with a limping leg. Try to tinge the movements and the stillness of your heart and body with the divine spiritual tint, and to serve the creatures (just) because of their being Allah's creatures. The great prophets and the close “friends” [awliyā'] of Allah, despite their daily works like others, were never on good terms with the world, because they worked with Allah and for Allah.

The Last Messenger may Allah bless him and his household and give them peace is quoted to have said: “My heart is sometimes covered (as if with unmindfulness), so I ask forgiveness from Allah seventy times every day.”1He probably regarded discerning Allah in multiplicity as opacity [with respect to Allah].

O my son! Prepare yourself, after me, to face unkindness from those who will burden you with the worries they had on my part. If you settle your accounts with Allah and take refuge in remembering Him, you need not fear any creature, as the reckoning of creatures is transitory, while the reckoning before Allah is eternal.

My son! After me you may receive an offer for service. If you intend to serve the Islamic Republic and dear Islam, then do not refuse it. But if your intention is Allah forbid! To serve your sensual desires or to satisfy your passions, eschew it, for the worldly positions are too trivial to deserve perishing yourself for their sake.

O Allah! Make Ahmad, his offspring and family, who are of your servants and of the offspring of the Holy Messenger, happy in this world and in the Hereafter, and cut off the hands of the accursed Satan, so that he may not hurt them!

O Allah! We are weak, unable and lagging behind the caravan of the devotees on the road to you. O Allah! You yourself help us. O Allah! Treat us with your grace and do not treat us with your justice. Peace be upon the righteous servants of Allah.

Rūhullāh al-Mūsāwī al-Khomeinī
23 Rabī' al-Awwal 1405/ 25 Āzar 1363 S.H.

  • 1. Mustadrak al-Wasā'il, “Book of as-Salat,” sec. on “Invocations,” ch. 22, hadīth 1.