The Moods Of The Sājid During The Sujūd

The sajdah, as described in the salāt of the mi'rāj, is a swoon and a shock resulting from witnessing the lights of the Greatness of Allah. When the servant feels being raptured and he undergoes a fit [hāl] of annihilation [mahw] and shock [sa'q], he will be covered by the eternal care and will receive inspiration from the Unseen [ghayb].

The recitation [dhikr] in the sujūd and repeating it are for one to come to himself and turn to the state of wakefulness [sahw]. So, when one comes to himself, the fire of longing for seeing the light of Allah kindles in his heart, and he raises his head from the sujūd. When he finds in himself residues of his selfishness, he leaves them by a sign with his hand. Thus, the light of Majesty is manifested to him once again and the remnants of selfishness are burnt off, and he becomes annihilated [fānī] from the annihilation [fanā'], and, while repeating Allāhu Akbar, a state of complete and absolute annihilation and full real swooning [sa'q] happens to him.

So, the unseen help, by the inspiration of the recitations, makes him firm in his state, and he will attain to a state of sobriety [sahw], which is the sobriety of the state of guardianship [wilāyat] and is free from any sort of veiling and creational [khalqī] blemish. The states of tashahhud and taslīm, which are of the status of multiplicity, also happen during this sobriety after annihilation [mahw]. Up to this point, all the circle of man's journey has been full and complete.