As a completion of talebearing, we provide calumny, which implies informing against people for the purpose of destroying them. On that account, calumny is regarded as the most hideous form of talebearing. In most cases, the victims of calumny are the celebrities and the high- ranking whom are envied for their virtues. As the envious cannot find any way to quench their thirst, they direct to informing against them before the authorities. In most cases, the efforts of such individuals become ineffective to cause them humility and punishment.

The Prophet (S) said: “The evilest people are the tri- destructive. They are those who inform the authorities of ill things against their friends; hence, they destroy themselves, their friends, and the authorities1.”

  • 1. Quoted from Bihar ul-Anwar; Kitab ul-Ashara, 191 (as quoted from al-Imama wat Tabsira).